Gone too soon.

It is so easy to get caught in the hustle of life. But, never take a moment for granted. Take in the smell of your kids after they’ve played outside, feel the softness of their cheeks on yours, and imprint their laughs on your soul.

A beautiful Mommy, that I spent many long hospital night-shifts with, lost her precious baby boy in a drowning accident this weekend. It was the day before his second birthday. No words can articulate the sadness.

This Mommy loved and treasured her little man so so much! She poured her heart and soul into him. She loved being his Mommy! Before she was even pregnant, she would tell me how excited she was to be a Mommy and all the fun adventures she wanted to have with her kids. She dreamed about this little boy before he was even in her womb.

My heart has been breaking and tears have been shed many times as I think about this beautiful family. Only God can comfort their hearts.

Please keep the Emmons family in your thoughts and prayers during this tragic time and if you think about them over the next several months. They are a beautiful family and need a supernatural peace of God to cover them and fill them with hope.

Sending lots of love to the Emmons family!

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