Our Week in Snapshots


Last weekend, I had the wonderful privilege of a Saturday night out with friends. My high school friends were in town for the Easter weekend and it was so great to catch up on life and reminisce about old laughs. I love these girls- it was so fun to be out with old friends!20130407-201725.jpg

Sunday we celebrated Easter… AND the last day that my beautiful friend Heather was pregnant.


Monday we went for a long run. Norah asked about 50 times if she could get out and run with me. So the last quarter mile I let her get out and run. She did so good! For the first time in a long time, Jonah fell fast asleep too!20130407-202814.jpg

Tuesday was a VERY special day! We got to go meet Kenzie Rae Andrew. She is an absolutely beautiful baby and has the greatest hair! Norah was so concerned about Miss Heather :).20130407-201946.jpg

On, Wednesday we met Cooper and his Nana for a quick trip to the library to meet Elmo and Cookie Monster. Norah love, love, loves adventures with Cooper!20130407-202004.jpg

Thursday we went to check out Grace’s Moms Day Out program for Norah. She has been asking and asking to go to school, so our search for a 1-2 day a week program has begun. Grace has a beautiful facility! It was SO surreal being on the campus I graduated from, with my daughter :).20130407-201736.jpg

Friday we served shaved ice as a part of TU’s Springfest. It was a great time and the weather was perfect!20130407-201650.jpg

That evening we met Josh’s parents for the Art Walk in the Brady District. We ended up spending the evening at the Guthrie Green, listening to music and dancing our hearts out. Norah and Jonah both LOVED it. I am so excited to spend many more summer nights here!20130407-202036.jpg

Saturday we had a “Sno Shack Family” paint day. We seriously have the greatest employees ever. 13 days til OPENING!20130407-202220.jpg

When I went to Gram and Pa’s to get the kids, they were just getting ready to head out on a walk, so I joined the walking party. Norah loves adventures to the park and Jonah is always up for a stroller ride. He was super excited about the gravel at the park, which both he and Max thought were treats. Yuck!20130407-202709.jpg20130407-202056.jpg

Today they just looked too cute as we headed out for church. I had to snap a quick picture of these darlings!20130407-202828.jpg


Emmy finally fit into Norah’s old rain-boots in perfect timing for these gloomy days. Even though I love them, I sure am ready for the sunshine to stay!20130407-225549.jpgBaby boy is growing quickly and so is this belly. I can’t believe how soon he’ll be joining our gang. I finally got my hair done this week, and it always feels good to be blonde again!20130407-225529.jpgEmmy came with me to my dr.’s appointment this week and loved exploring the office and testing out all the miniature chairs in the waiting room. Her eyes got so wide when she heard brother’s heartbeat. She’s in for quite a surprise! πŸ™‚20130407-225612.jpgWe went shopping at Utica with friends on Friday and found these adorable little rockstar shades. My favorite part? Emmy actually keeps them on. She’s so fun!20130407-225628.jpgWe headed to Brookside for some yogurt and PetsMart for some entertainment for a real wild Friday night. Emmy has started barking when we ask her what a doggie says and doing the funniest little growl/snort when we ask her what a pig says. I feel like we need a zoo day soon because this girl loves animals!Β 20130407-225638.jpg

We spent beautiful Saturday hanging with H.J. and Chels. We watched the boys hit balls once again, and enjoyed lunch on the patio at Blue Rose. This weeks forecast seriously makes me sad. #momlife is so much more fun in the sun. πŸ™‚20130407-225649.jpg

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