A Simple Word of Encouragement

To all you good Mommies out there: here is a simple word of encouragement. One of my Facebook friends posted this the other day and as I read it this morning, I really connected with her words.

From birth, there are a million and one questions that plague you about raising a child the “right” way. Feeding, sleeping, discipline, scheduling, extra-curriculars- are we really doing everything “right?” These feelings of incompetence so easily seep into our unconscious. We have all been there, visited that place of “I can’t do this anymore.” But, have confidence- you can and will!

Hope you find this as encouraging as I did!

“God has been talking to me about my confidence as a mum. So, of these two things I am completely confident. 1. God created me to be a mum. Everything that I need to succeed as Olivia’s mum is already within me. No one else could ever take my place in her life. 2. I need to keep my ears and heart really attuned to God. For the years ahead and the situations that I don’t know about yet. He knows, He speaks, He will show me. There. Now, a sweet peace. I rejoice over my future (Prov 31) for I know He is with me.” -Luisa Nygren (and Olivia πŸ™‚ )


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