Oh, hi productivity. It’s been a while.

This pregnancy has put my productivity at an all time LOW. After procrastinating as long as I could with an attempt at a mommy/Emmy nap time and a trip to the mall, I finally got my act together (for at least an hour). “Getting my act together” made me realize just how many things I’ve let slide. It doesn’t help when I have a little stinker following behind me undoing just about everything I do. At least she keeps me laughing. While I was busy hanging laundry, which has been piled on my dresser for days, Em was busy trying on every sock and shoe she could find.

20130403-215857.jpgI had such high hopes for completely detailing my car but only made it past the unloading the junk stage(3 laundry baskets full). I guess we’ll be enjoying the sweet aroma of last night’s “Five Guys” until my next whim of productivity comes around. It seems I’ve hit that phase of pregnancy once again where I feel like bedtime comes around 2:30-3:00 in the afternoon. At least this time around I’m laying on the floor in my sweats with Emmy, rather than attempting to captivate and engage a room full of first graders.


So as soon as I finally got “major” things accomplished by getting this house in order, I sent my husband for Chinese take out. And because he’s the best, he indulged me. And in the interest of full disclosure, I should mention I had five guys for lunch again today. Yes, two days in a row. Major fail. Plans for tomorrow? Not give into every pregnancy craving I can possibly think of. πŸ™‚ Aaaand try this whole “being productive” thing out again. My car just might wind up fresh and clean after all!

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