Easter Photo Stream

HAPPY EASTER!- Here’s a million pictures of our day. πŸ™‚

Yesterday was so beautiful! Matt, Emmy, and I actually made it to the early service at Church on the Move. It had been weeks since we’d been in a church service and dropped Emmy off at nursery, so being able to actually pay attention and partake in the service was lovely. Easter is such a wonderful day of celebration! We thank God that the story didn’t end at the cross but that Jesus rose from the grave, completely overcoming death, all for US! We have so much to be thankful for! After church we went to my parent’s house a little early and let Emmy walk, walk, walk all over the field. She has turned into our little walking machine. Gram got Emmy this little Peter Rabbit dress for her birthday and I only needed a few pictures of my little love wearing it.Β 
Emmy Walking

She loved her new bunny from Gram- a little play time before a nappy.
emmy chair
For the Juarez fam, we started off the morning with Easter baskets and a little egg hunt of our own in the backyard. Norah was shocked to have an Easter basket filled with bubbles, a puzzle, toys, and chocolate! She kept saying, “Oh thank you Mommy! Oh thank you Daddy! I LOVE it!”
Angie Easter Morning
Emmy seriously has the best big cousin of all time. It’s so funny to watch and listen to their little conversations. Norah loves holding Emmy’s hand. She says, “C’mon, this way Emerson. You want to swing? OKAY!” Miss Norah was cracking us up all day. At just two years old, she turns to the stairs where Matt and I were sitting eating lunch and says, “Soooo, Matt and Jodi…. I went to church today.” She wants to be a part of dinner table conversation!
holding hands

Norah and Jonah looked too cute on Easter. I found Norah’s maxi dress on 77kids when they were shutting down last summer (very sad!) Jonah’s super cute teal sweater was a GAP find from Aunt Jodi. The sweater did prove to be too hot for the beautiful afternoon, so we let him bare his little pot belly! Love that we got to spend the afternoon with the Josh’s family too. Anytime our families are together is sure to be a good time!
Angie and Josh w kids
Norah and Jonah were avid egg hunters :). Norah took off as fast as she could and Jonah followed his sister’s cues, picking up eggs and putting them in his little duck basket.
nor jon egg hunting
Angie filled up Easter eggs with Teddy Grahams, cereal snacks, and Annie’s (Gummy)Bunnies. Emmy loved opening and closing the eggs over and over again… and of course finding and scarfing as many treats as possible! At first, Norah was a little hestiant to let the babies open the eggs, but she quickly realized that some of the eggs had “baby snacks (cereal)” in them. When she found the cereal she would close the egg back up and run it over to one of the little one’s. Jonah just stayed focused on the prize- food!
easter eggs moms cam
I was so surprised that Emmy spotted the first egg all on her own. She immediately starting shaking it like crazy and opened it up for the best surprise. While everyone else collected eggs, she would find, open, and eat them each one at a time. πŸ™‚
easter eggs iphone baskeet
Cascarones is one of our new FAVORITE parts of Easter. Pops (Josh’s Dad) introduced us all to this silly Mexican Easter egg tradition. A sweet lady from his church, The Bridge, made him two dozen decorated, confetti filled eggs. In Mexican tradition, the eggs are intended to be thrown or “smashed” on someone’s head in friendly jest. Pops was so sweet telling Norah all about his tradition. She listening intently and then took right to the egg smashing. Of course the whole family jumped in! Even Jonah was giggling as Norah cracked an egg on his head.

Norah says she can say “scer-on-ayes” so good “becuase I’m a MEX-can!!”
angie cascarones
We love our new tradition from the Juarez family. These confetti eggs are way too much fun to smash on each other. Silly Mom thought she could catch Matt.
It turned out to be such a beautiful day of family, food, and fun! We hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter, celebrating the joy we have in Jesus and loving life!
Easter Random

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