Our Week in Snapshots


I can’t believe we’re already over half-way there. Little Smith will be here before we know it! (yikes and yay)20130328-125836.jpgWe had the best double date night with Angie and Josh on Saturday. We all love Jim Gaffigan and had a blast making a night of it. It’s very rare we get time the four of us without kids, much less while out on the town, so it was a real treat. We tried out a new place for dinner and were pleasantly surprised. Although the Vault has more of a “retro cafeteria atmosphere” the food was different and delicious.20130328-125852.jpgWho knew, Gaffigan had yet another kid. That makes 5! Geez Louise! We love his family-life jokes. I was in pain from laughing so hard the entire time. So glad we did this!20130328-125904.jpgAfter dinner we went to Chimera and tried out their pour over coffee and attempted to learn “Settlers of Catan”. I don’t know if we ever really figured it out but we really loved the atmosphere there and enjoyed trying several interesting and delicious menu items. 20130328-125920.jpgSunday morning we went to church with Matt’s family since his parents were in town all week. HJ and Chels go to a great church on the north side of Tulsa called Crossover. Emmy loved jamming out to the worship, while eating a graham cracker of course. After church HJ and Matt squeezed into the third row of my in-laws new Traverse to entertain Emmy. So cute. We headed to HJ and Chelsea’s favorite spot for brunch, Smoke. It lived up to the hype in my opinion and my sinful bread pudding french toast was divine. 20130328-163415.jpgOn Monday Angie and I took the kids back to the farm and Chik Fil A. This playroom is becoming very familiar for us. 🙂 Later that night while the boys hit the shooting range, I met my mom, Lyn, and Chelsea for pedicures at a new place, ABC nails. Amazing. I definitely recommend it. They serve complimentary drinks and use new utensils for each customer. After pedis we had to take the moms out for their first taste of sushi ever. It was successful! 20130328-164538.jpgI’m so glad Angie invited us to preschool playtime at BounceU on Tuesday morning. It was a blast! Even for adults! The kids loved it too. They have so many things for them to do and it’s great because we were able to go on everything with them to keep an eye out for the little ones. Even Gram was jumping and sliding! 🙂20130328-164521.jpgWednesday was my mother-in-law’s birthday! Emmy and I spent the morning shopping at 3 different grocery stores (at least one of them was Target and we left with this adorable emerald/neon green top). Emmy took a record nap resulting in this amazing bed head and I baked my first carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. 20130328-165519.jpgMatt’s family came over in the afternoon and we took a walk to the golf course to hit some balls. Emmy of course wanted to WALK! Now that she’s walking she wants to do it nonstop! So Grandpa and Grandma chased her all over the grass and held hands helping her go up and down, up and down the curb a hundred times. Later that night we gave Emmy a bath and a bottle and let Gramp hold her. While we were all yacking away loudly Emmy fell fast asleep, just like a newborn. I couldn’t believe it! I’m amazed she was just snoozing away while we were all talking and making lots of noise. So sweet, but I’m a little jealous, Grandpa!20130328-165527.jpg


Our  double date to Jim Gaffigan last weekend with Matt and Jodi was super fun! Chamera has great coffee and if you’re feeling brave, they sell ‘Okie Tonic’… a local juice concoction.


While we were on our date, Jonah finally got to partake in his first sleepover with Pa and Gram. It was a super fun success filled with climbing ladders, cuddles, and good sleep!20130329-233824.jpg

On Sunday night, we met Gram and Pa for some dinner at Qdoba and Gram decided that this was the perfect house that Jodi needs! Norah agreed?? haha


On Monday, we headed out to the farm again. It was a FREEZING cold day, so we only stayed long enough to watch Annie, the farm dog, try to herd the cat. It was a nasty battle of superiority.


On Monday night, we got to play with Emmy while Jodi went to have a Pedicure with her family. Norah LOVES Emerson so much! She loves to hold her face and tell her, “Oh, Emerson, you’re just SO cute!” Norah also loves the fact that Emmy likes to hold hands. Jonah is NOT a fan of Norah directing him :).


On Tuesday, we played at BounceU. Super fun for all… and exhausting!


We’ve been eating pretty healthy around our house and I have been so proud of my kiddos! They love basically everything. Jonah was working so hard to feed himself “Fried Rice” (aka Cauliflower). Check out this recipe. Delicious!


On Wednesday, we switched Jonah’s car seat around. He is quite the handsome little fella! He waves “hiiii” to all the cars constantly.


On Thursday, we played outside all day! It was so beautiful and the munchkins were loving the warm weather!


Jonah is fascinated with sliding and is so brave! He knows how to climb the playhouse and flies off the slide over and over again, all while saying “Weeeee!”


Today, Daddy started writing his to-do list for the day on his arm (like he does everyday during the summer) and Norah was SO confused as to what he was doing. We decided Daddy will have to stop this silly habit because  Norah was asking if she could do it too!


Norah learned how to make her own smoothie this week! Her favorite is almond milk, strawberries, and Greek yogurt. Yum!


We ended the week with some delicious Birthday Cake Ice Cream 🙂 Happy Weekend!


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