Keep in Classy, Little Dude

Looking for some stylish duds for your little man? There aren’t many choices… but there are a few!

With little girls, there are a million-and-one options for mini-me clothes: hair bows, headbands, head-wraps, jelly sandals, tunics, rompers, pea coats, fur coats, etc. The list of the “too cute” items goes on and on. However, when I started to prepare the nursery closet for a little boy, I was so sad to find that 90% of boys clothes fall into the categories of: plaid, character images, and skulls. Not that any of those things are terrible… they’re just not my thing.

I wanted v-necks and colored chinos or pocket tees and distressed denim. I searched everywhere for a band shirt! Sad to say, I couldn’t find a band shirt for any band that we would actually want our little man advertising for :). However, I did find some great little clothes that met my other hopes!

Some favorites right now:

Zara: They always have AMAZING mini-me type clothes! They have the perfect trousers with braces (suspenders) to dress up any outfit. Just add a colored onesie or botton-up and your little man will be turning heads. ๐Ÿ™‚trousers with braces

They also have the colored chinos that I LOVE!


GAP: They FINALLY have v-necks. Woohoo!

Love their colored jeans and flat front shorts too!

Oh, and I found the perfect tank for Jodi’s little man- he can match his Daddy!

Target: Although they do have an overwhelming amount of standard boy’s clothes, they are always a stable source of play clothes! Lately, they have even had a few great finds! This winter, I Loved their sweaters with elbow pads and now, for spring, they have this tee.

Cherokeeยฎ Infant Toddler Boys' Short-Sleeve Tee

JOAH LOVE: This is my FAVORITE! I originally found this brand on when I was pregnant and ordered a bunch of stuff in all different sizes. They make super cozy, simple, stylish boys clothes. They’re t-shirts have lasted many, many washes and Norah always says, “ooo Jonah, you’re shirt is so cozy!”


One thought on “Keep in Classy, Little Dude

  1. Kirsten says:

    I love Hanna Andersson for my nephew. They have many classic styles and it wears so well. The people who buy it second hand from him can always tell it’s good quality clothing. ๐Ÿ™‚


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