A Thunder-ific Birthday

Last year, I developed this crazy love for the Oklahoma City Thunder while they were making their way to the NBA Finals. I have NEVER been a TV sports fan, much less a devoted one. I don’t know what happened to me… but I guess I was drinking the same water as most other Oklahomans, as it seemed like the whole city of Tulsa was enthralled with KD, Westbrooke, and “The Beard” (very sad he left!)

So, when Josh asked what I wanted to do to celebrate my birthday this year, I was so excited to know it was NBA season!

We headed out in the early afternoon, leaving the kids AND the minivan with Mimi (Josh’s Mom.) We were so excited to feel so free!


We stayed at an awesome hotel, the Colcord. It was just a block from the stadium and had a great new restaurant in it! We have this crazy thing with everything in our life revolving around the number “8” so we laughed again when we saw they put us in Room 408.


When we walked in, Josh bet me that I couldn’t jump from the lounge to the bed. So… of course I had to prove him wrong! 🙂20130319-225154.jpg

Unfortunately, the restaurant in our hotel was booked for the evening, so we headed out to find some sushi. My fav! The bellman suggested this little place in the business district, Park Harvey Sushi. It was delicious!


I found this great picture of Westbrooke on our walk to the stadium. He’s my favorite… love his post-game outfits! 😉 haha


When we got to the game, the energy was through the roof and we were so excited! We of course took WAY too many pictures.


At half-time, we snuck down to the season ticket holder seats and enjoyed the game a million times more than from our seats in “Loud City.” The players are SO much taller than you realize! We even made it on TV :).


We rented bicycles after the game and rode around Bricktown for an hour or so. We stopped my Pinkitzel and shared a delicious Double Chocolate. It looks like they have great cupcakes too, but the line was WAY too long with Thunder fans when we got there!


The next morning, we RELAXED. The hotel brings fresh coffee and tea to your door in the morning. I can’t even put to words how great it felt to just lay in bed and drink coffee. No (cute) little ones asking for breakfast or needing a diaper change. Just doing what we wanted on our own time. AH-MAZING.

After sufficient relaxation time, we headed out for more coffee at Elemental, per the suggestion of the uber-talented Will Rentfrow. If you’re looking for a local coffee fanatic and knowledgeable coffee guy, you can find Will at Nordaggios.

I am usually Starbucks biggest fan, but I have to say Elemental gets a big thumbs-up for serving “good” coffee and providing a great atmosphere.


Next, we went for brunch. Definitely my favorite meal to eat-out for! We heard about Kitchen 324 from a local magazine and since we are always up for new “dining ideas” we went in with an open mind (and leaving my healthy eating behind for a while.) The idea behind the restaurant is “rustic classics, made into fresh favorites.” It definitely hits that point. Homemade bread, local produce, multi-blend juices, and ONLY poached eggs. It was good and interesting… but not my favorite brunch ever. Definitely worth the try though!


Overall, we had a super amazing and refreshing weekend! Our kids had a blast with family and Norah’s first words when she saw us were, “but… I just want to stay at Mimi’s!”

So very thankful for family and for my wonderful husband!


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