Our Week in Snapshots


Last weekend, we were getting very anxious for summer and spent some time pretending we were swimming. πŸ™‚

20130317-095955.jpgOur friends Will and Lindsay came over after church and we stayed up way too late practicing unique push-ups and trying to imitate all the crazy planks that Josh can do. In high-school, we used to always have “I can do it better than you can” contests and Lindsay was always the best leg wrestler. This brought back so many of those memories! Yay for never really growing up!


I FINALLY got my hair done this week! Love spending time with Audrey and getting pampered for a bit!


Norah’s new favorite thing to do at the park is push her brother in the swing. They both giggle and scream!


Wednesday, we made a family trip out to a local farm. Norah LOVES the cows, chickens, and getting to “drive” Pa’s “putt-putt car”. She even got to feed some baby cows this time!


On Thursday we headed to the park again with Mine’, Jodi, and Emerson. The kids LOVED the beautiful weather and playing together. Norah especially loved playing with “Nin-nay!” (Mine’)


That evening we had a fashion show at The Bridge for the spring Ladies Night. Jen, Tori, and I were all “models”… not my typical forte’, but it was so much fun! To top off all the fun, my family went in and bought the clothes I modeled for my birthday! What a great present!

20130317-100651.jpgGearing up for Sno Cone Season is in full swing at our house! Josh is working like crazy to get things ready and we just got our van printed on.

Norah saw it and said, “Oh, that says…. Daddy’s Sno Shack!” πŸ™‚



I still can’t believe this girl is wearing pig-tails. This might mean she’s officially left baby-hood.Β 20130315-131159.jpgOn Monday, we went to the mall to help Angie pick out some outfits for the Bridge’s fashion show. We completely destroyed the dressing room and had a ball playing dress-up. Emmy especially loved all the mirrors Dillard’s had to offer. She simply can’t pass up giving herself a kiss!

20130315-131213.jpgShe has been LOVING daddy all week. He’s been putting her to sleep every night this week and it’s their new special thing. I love hearing all the laughter from her room. She now thinks eskimo kisses are hilarious. Daddy also gives her wild rides in her tunnel and makes up fun games.Β 20130315-131229.jpgI’ve been trying to capture pics over the last few weeks of this. She truly is ALL girl! Any time a spare shoe is left lying around she will be trying it on for sure! It’s pretty cute.Β 20130315-131236.jpgWe have been loving this beautiful weather. I was pretty done with being cooped up in the house. Spring is definitely here and I couldn’t be happier about it. We hit the park in our neighborhood for a bit on Wednesday. They don’t have much to do for kids her age so we headed home to enjoy some fudgesicles in the backyard. Little stinker wanted to hold her own. πŸ™‚

20130315-131258.jpgLater that night we all went to “the farm” where my parents take Norah all the time. She had so much fun showing us all around. She introduced us to “Farmer Rex” and his dog, “Annie”. She loved yelling, “HEY COWS!”, and telling Emerson all about the kitties. We picked up some delicious fresh milk and had quite the adventure joining Angie in the mini-van. Jonah and Emmy just loved riding next to one another and singing the whole way there and back (aka- making each other cry/scream). How do people do twins???20130315-131308.jpgOn Thursday, it was beyond beautiful outside! Mine’ joined us for another park day, this time at Haikey. Btw- they have the best turf ground for kids (so much better than pebbles getting stuck in your shoes or wood-chips for newly walking toddlers). We met Angie and the kids for the day and Mine’ and I even got to pick up lunch with just Nor. Mine’ and I were gabbing away up front when Norah says to me, “excuse me, excuse me Jodi, can you please stop talking?”. We cracked up, half shocked she would say such a thing. I think she wanted us talking to her instead. πŸ™‚ Later that night we met HJ and Chels for some fun.20130315-131316.jpgMatt quit work a little early to enjoy the sunshine with us. We put Emmy in our little bike trailer and hit the road with a delicious destination in mind. Turns out Braum’s had some ripe avocados for a deal so it looks like an early bedtime for Emmy, and a guacamole/Netflix party for mom and dad. We get pretty crazy with our Friday nights.20130315-190441.jpg

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