5 Ways to Enjoy Pregnancy

Yesterday was the first time I actually felt pregnant. All of a sudden I found myself lacking the energy to chase after Em. My skin finally started getting that lovely stretching feeling. And, I unloaded all my drawers, searching for a single t-shirt that would fit comfortably just to go for a walk. Cue the melt-down when I realized this was only the beginning and I’m just going to keep getting bigger. This is real.

I still can’t stand the thought of opening my tub of maternity clothes. Stretchy waist lines and nursing tanks just aren’t invited into my closet yet. While I now happily embrace this little baby, I’ll admit I haven’t embraced pregnancy just yet. When I was pregnant the first time everything was new and exciting. Being pregnant meant having a special secret, smiles from strangers, thrilling little kicks, and being pampered. This time I have to say, some of the novelty has worn off. While I feel incredibly blessed to have this little life inside me, I need some inspiration for embracing all that comes with these next four months.

Here are 5 things I’ll be trying to help cure these “prego blues”…

  1. Stay Active– While I’m not as dedicated nor talented as Angie in this department, I will make it a point to keep the family walks going, utilize the occasional prenatal pilates dvd, and chase after Emmy as much as I can. With this new beautiful weather we’ve been spending lots of time in the sunshine, playing at the park. It does wonders for the endorphins and Emmy loves it too!
  2. Non “Maternity” Style– Personally, I can’t stand typical maternity attire- something about it just makes me sad. I’m glad this time I’ll be able to wear flowy summer dresses and slip on some flip flops. I don’t know how many times Matt had the pleasure of lacing up my boots last winter. I’ve never been a fan of tight shirts, much less while pregnant, so I’m going for a bohemian maternity vibe. This could go moo-moo real fast but so be it. I think embracing your new body and finding a style that makes you feel good about yourself is so important.
  3. Nesting– I will admit, one of my favorite parts about being pregnant was decorating and shopping for our little one. This time, I could hardly wait to put together another nursery and wardrobe. This time will definitely be different with a move in mind but I’m hoping to find some fun in preparing for baby boy’s arrival. It always helps to focus on the reason for it all. No matter how large or lethargic you feel, it’s all for a wonderful purpose.
  4. Use the “Pregnancy Card”– This is after all a “pass” for almost anything. I’ve already used my “pregnancy card” for a few naps, back rubs, and “messy house/no dinner on the table nights”. Being pregnant means you get to be lazy sometimes. It means you get to have what you’re craving. It means you can be emotional and crazy. While some women take this “card” to the edge, I’ll try to keep it in check. Lord knows how hard getting that baby weight off is and that “eating for two” stuff only makes it worse.
  5. Love Life Now– I keep thinking about how much this baby will change our lives forever. I just love this thing we have going with the three of us. I don’t want to let these next four months pass me by without enjoying them to the fullest. I want to enjoy the luxury of leaving the house whenever I please, sleeping nine hours a night, and pushing my easy single stroller. I want to love every stage of life and make these next months something to remember.

Anyone have any fabulous tips I haven’t thought of to help me enjoy (and may be even love) this pregnancy? Send them my way!

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