Nursery Inspiration

Emerson is one of the most dependable nappers ever. She typically naps for about two hours twice a day. Now, we’ve hit the lovely stage of life where she’s trying to transition to one nap a day. I hear this usually happens between 12 and 18 months. Now it suddenly seems that I can no longer predict her nap schedule and we just roll with whatever happens. Today we had lunch plans at 1 so I put her down at 11. She was perfectly content to roll around, play with Shiner, and jump up and down for about an hour. argh. Finally, I got a text from Matt (in his office next door to Em), “I think Emmy is banging her head against the wall”. I couldn’t help but laugh. This girl is so funny sometimes. I went in to finally get her up (deciding lunch just wasn’t going to happen, and she was just wide awake). She greeted me with a grin and happily played until about 2:30. So, now I’ve probably lost all opportunity to escape the house today. Tis #momlife.

I’m taking this lazy day opportunity to stay in my sweats, drink some trader joe’s hot chocolate, and dream about our little guy’s future nursery. We’re still planning to build as of now so I don’t think we’ll actually be in our new home before baby Smith arrives. Bummer, but after lots of “pinteresting” and pondering I think I know what I’m going for. I love the color combo of teal and citron. I also want to pull in neutrals like grey and tan. I am going for a rustic/vintage explorer/manly vibe. If that makes any sense? I found some great pieces online that I’ll be hunting for and collecting until move-in day. At least we already have a teal and citron pack n play that will look great in a white apartment? Ah, well…

Here’s a little inspiration board I came up with and a list of places to find these gems. Some are ridiculously expensive and some not so much. Even if I’m probably not going to spend $130 on a rhino head, I will be on the look-out for some kind of funky animal and a can of silver spray paint. However, this ombre pillow from Target has the perfect color scheme and may just HAVE to come home with me.Β nursery inspiration

  • Metallic Silver Rhino Head- $129.99 (White Faux Taxidermy)
  • Adesso Harvest Burlap Pendant Light- $59.96 (Home Depot)
  • World Map Poster- $24 (Urban Outfitters)
  • Alston Ivory/Gold Curtain Panel- $89.95 (Crate & Barrel)
  • Threshold Chevron Area Rug- $170-332 (Target)
  • Citron Lina Vase- $14.95 (Crate & Barrel)
  • Teal Mirror- $? (Pier1 Imports– This is a mirror we already own. It currently hangs above our fireplace but I think it would be the perfect thing above a rustic dresser.)
  • Gold Pillow- $85 (Sky Iris)
  • Airplane Hook- $12 (Urban Outfitters)
  • Rustic Dresser- $? (Matt has a dresser that looks similar. I’m hoping we could rough it up a little more to get this look. Otherwise, to River City I go!)
  • Threshold Oversized Oblong Ombre Pillow- $26.99 (Target)
  • IMAX Nichols Iron Occasional Table- $89.98 (

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