Our Week in Snapshots


Emmy wore a ridiculously large flower and her new floral jean jacket from her Uncle H.J. and Aunt Chels on Tuesday. This girl is growing up at super speeds all of a sudden. She must know she’s about to be big sis. She actually held this cup full of water and didn’t even spill. She said hi and waved to everyone we passed at Sam’s club (cue the sanitizer). 20130307-224311.jpgShe also figured out how to open the doors by herself and walk right on down the hall…20130307-224318.jpgOn Wednesday, we just played at Angie’s house. The kids had fun jumping in Jonah’s crib and sharing LOTS of teddy grahams and apples. 20130307-224353.jpgThis girl LOVES her doggie. Matt used to have a dog that looked like this named, Shiner. So, HJ and Chels got her this puppy when she was born. Since then they’ve been training her to love him and it’s worked! She hugs him in the car, while she sleeps, and anytime she sees him across the room. So sweet! 20130307-224336.jpg

On Thursday, Mine’ had the day off and came over to play. She and Emmy did some karaoke and cooking with Emmy’s toys. Emmy was absolutely taken with her. She couldn’t stop staring and smiling at her. It must have been this incredible hair she has. πŸ™‚


The rest of the day was mostly spent just playing around the house. We Skype’d Grandma and Grandpa Smith to show off her new tricks. She learned to love sunglasses and destroyed her room and the rest of the house at record speeds.

20130307-224428.jpgGram came over to pick Emerson up for a sleepover. She had so much fun patting the doggies, bouncing with pa, and cuddling before bed time.20130308-221053.jpgWe went to ShoGun’s for dinner last night to celebrate Mine’s birthday. Hibachi is always a delicious treat and I so enjoyed venting with Sedef about house/hunting/building, and hearing all her wedding planning details. Such a fun stage of life!20130308-221551.jpg


Last weekend, we played at Pa and Gram’s. We decided to take a walk to the park before the sun set and realized that Norah didn’t have a jacket. Luckily Gram had found this beautiful red military jacket that I used to wear at the same age. A special memory for both Gram and Mommy!


Norah loved playing, running and showing off her “big kid” skills for Gram. The tire swing was her favorite! She was swinging and spinning for several minutes and then gave up, exclaiming, “Ugh, Gram I better get off. I’m so busy (dizzy)!”


Daddy actually fixed Norah’s hair this week! Her curls are a big frizz ball in the morning, so when I got a text from Josh saying he was taking the kids to Wal-Mart for a few things, I was sure Norah would fit right in with the “people of Wal-Mart.” I was so excited to see her beautiful curls were tamed when I got home! When I told Norah she looked beautiful, she said, “Ya, Daddy’s not really good at pony-tails so he say we have to fix it!”


Monday was beautiful, so we spent lots of time playing outside and exploring. I promise, Jonah does wear pants sometimes, but his wonderfully thick thighs aren’t a fan of pants when he is trying to climb and explore. 20130308-120954.jpg

Norah and I tried to go to “Preschool Story-time” at the Library. We’ve been to the “My 1st Story-time” several times and it was great, but this class was very lack luster! The librarian could hardly keep my attention, so you can imagine how Norah felt. I guess we can use Jonah as an excuse to stick with the “My 1st Story-time” group. We ended up sneaking out of class after about 10 minutes to play drums and do puzzles- much more fun!


The kids were bored one day and we came up with a game of playing in the kitchen sink and filling cups with water. The kids LOVED spraying each other and the fact that they were “soooo-king wet”! The simple things!


We stopped by Pa and Gram’s house on one of Josh’s school nights. Jonah and Norah both loved dancing away!


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