WAIT, it’s a BOY!

On the way to our appointment on Monday, Matt decided to tell me how he really felt about having a boy. He said, even though he’s been saying he’d be happy with a girl, he really wanted a BOY badly. πŸ™‚ Of course, just like with Emmy, he would come around to the idea and be taken over with love for whatever the baby was. BUT, let me make it clear, this guy wants a boy. So with that pressure (and the fact that we both believed it was a girl already) we walked into the hospital. As we were walking through the doorway, Matt jokingly prayed, “God we just ask you to change the sex of the baby…”. Oh boy- haha

The whole time spent in the waiting room, Matt was tapping and pacing and deep-breathing, probably the most nervous I’ve ever seen him. All I could do was laugh, knowing he would be head over heels for whatever we had.

Within seconds of the ultrasound, both the doctor and nurse noticed something at the same time and took a deep breath. Doctor asked the nurse if she wanted to tell us what we were having. Knowing we wanted a boy, she slowly said, “It’s a giiiiirl”. We knew it! We both were smiling and saying things like, “a girl, awwww, we’re having sisters”. About a minute later they both jumped and yelped at the same time again. “WAIT, IT’S A BOY!!!”, exclaimed the nurse. I can’t explain the roller coaster of emotions this sent us on. We were shocked (so shocked) that Matt screamed. There was so much excitement in that room and it’s all such a blur now. But, the doctor continued checking from about 8 different angles to be sure and sure enough, we have a little boy on the way. I could NOT believe it, especially after already being told it was a girl. WOW!

We later joked that that was God changing the sex of our baby right before our eyes, answering our prayers. haha. No, we know that God has the perfect plan for our family. He is so good, it amazes me. We are so happy to know we are having a mini-Matt and a best bud for Jonah. How amazing is it that Angie and I both had a girl first, boy second? We couldn’t be happier to have a little man join our family. It will definitely be something brand new for us. I still can’t picture myself mothering a boy. No bows? No baby dolls? No pedicures? Hmmm… this will be different for sure. I’m sure he will steal our hearts in a whole new way.

We had so much fun calling Matt’s family to share the news. Angie screamed for a minute straight after hearing, boy! You know my mom screamed! We popped into my dad’s office and threw blue balloons and shared our surprise. We are so blessed to have this family and these friends that support us and get excited for us. There’s seriously nothing better than people who can be excited for others. It’s a truly fabulous quality and it makes people feel incredibly loved, like we do. So, THANK YOU for all the congratulations, screams, calls, texts, and comments.

Later that night we met family for some celebratory ice cream. I asked Norah what she thought about me having a boy and she said, “No, a girl”. And when I ask her what we should name this little boy? Her response is always, “Jonah-man”. πŸ™‚

We had my mom snap some fun gender reveal photos in the backyard. This was our second option, silly-string. Didn’t show up that well, but still fun. Matt begged me to let him smash a blue color pie in my face so this was the next best thing. Especially since we had a meeting minutes after these photos. (Has he figured out how long it takes a girl to get ready yet??)20130306-153526.jpgEmmy sported Norah’s old “big sister” shirt for the occasion. She loved all the excitement, especially all the balloons! She wasn’t even phased when they popped in her face. They were great for car-seat entertainment too. Little brother is already so much fun. πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “WAIT, it’s a BOY!

  1. coasttocoastchallenge says:

    Ahhhh I love this! I can’t even imagine what those emotions must have been to hear it was a boy, then a girl! So happy for you best!


  2. coasttocoastchallenge says:

    Sooo happy for you Jode!!!! I can’t imagine what those roller coaster emotions must have felt like, but I know you’re going to have a blast with a little Smith boy!! Love you best!


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