Toddler Apps

In this technology and social-media driven age, kids are learning to navigate phones, tablets, and electronics at an incredibly young age. I remember the first time that Josh and I realized that Norah could not only turn on Netflix (on the iPad), but she could also find which show she wanted to watch. She couldn’t have been more than 2!

At the time, I felt like a terrible mom and I was SURE that we had let Norah spend way too much time in front of electronics. Surely I had damaged her forming little brain by letting her watch Netflix while I fed her infant brother! After a couple months and talking with friends, I realized that this is just the day-and-age. Toddlers learn to use electronics quickly and if we embrace it- it can be a great tool for education, reading, and entertainment.

Now, I am definitely not an advocate of setting your child down on the floor with an iPad for hours on end; however, I see no harm in letting them play a game, read a book, or watch movies on your smart phone while you grocery shop or try to finish dinner in a public place. 🙂

I’m sure there are MANY more great apps out there, but these are our favorites right now!

1. Peekaboo– This is a great little “storybook” type app. The kid has to swipe the page to find the animal or object and also to “turn the page.” Norah LOVED this app from 12months- 26months. 20130225-155543.jpg2. Animal Draw- This is a coloring app. The kid can choose the animal they want to color, the colors they want to use, and if they want to color or paint the picture. Norah started using this app around 27months and still loves it!


3. Seek and Find– This is a picture book app. You tap on the people or objects and they sing, run, move, etc. We were in love with this app around age 2. Great way to learn cause and effect!


4. Dora’s ABC’s- This is an alphabet app. Norah is totally bored with learning her alphabet and this is one of the only ways that I can “teach” her the letters and persaude her to work on recongizing her alphabet. It is her favorite app right now!


5. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox– A learning game app. Norah also LOVES this app! Teaches colors, fruit, matching, puzzles, and shapes. Age appropriate for 18months – 3years.20130225-155650.jpg

6. Animal Memory Match– A matching game app. This is a lot like the game “Memory.” Super easy to navigate with different difficulty levels. Norah loves matching games! Age appropriate for 2-5 years.20130225-155611.jpg

7. I Hear Ewe– Animal app. Teaches the realistic sounds that all kinds of animals make. Norah used to crack herself up with this app! She loved this app from 18months- 2.5 years.


8. Talking Tom- This app will crack you up! It is basically a talking cat that mimics your child. Norah talks so much in the car that this app was like a godsend when Josh and I had something we really needed to discuss. We would let her have whole “conversations” with the cat and we would be cracking up in the front seat! Age 2-4 years.


9. Elmo Calls- Answering the phone app. Basically, Elmo calls and talks to your kid and they get to answer, FaceTime, and get a little education mixed in. Jonah loves this app right now!20130225-155627.jpg

10. Netflix- this app is so easy to navigate! Norah can find Dora, The Freshbeat Band, and Yo Gabba Gabba all on her own. For those times when your mommy-hands are full, this app is a lifesaver!20130225-155644.jpg

I am always up for insight on new apps! What are your little one’s favorites?

Happy Downloading!

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