Worst Virus Ever

This has been a ROUGH week for both of our families! On Saturday, Josh and I flew to Las Vegas in an attempt to take a short anniversary vacation without our kiddos. Josh’s mom volunteered to keep the kids, since our mom was in Michigan for Grandpa King’s funeral.

Sunday morning, Josh’s mom called to tell us Jonah was projectile throwing-up… and it was coming out the other end just as violently. 😦 I suspected it was a reaction to an antibiotic that we had just started. A couple hours later, Norah was throwing up and feverish. Definitely not a reaction to medicine!

We called our airline and started figuring out what our flight options were to get home right away. Josh’s mom was more than gracious and told us to just see what things were like in the morning for the kids. However, by 11pm, both kids were miserable, dry-heaving, and lethargic. They needed their Mommy… and I needed them in my arms. We booked our flight home!

20130215-211221.jpgAs we were loading our plane home, we called to check in and found out Norah had a 103 degree fever and Jonah was VERY lethargic. Mimi had already called our doctor and given Norah medication to bring the fever down (thank you for being so proactive!) I talked to Norah on the phone, she sounded so tired and she just said, “Mommy, I just don’t really feel good. I just want you…” That’s when I lost it and just started to cry, in the middle of the Vegas airport. I’m pretty sure everyone thought I had lost thousands of dollars gambling or something… haha.

By 5pm, we were home with our babies. Josh’s family loved on them SO much and they were SO patient! I couldn’t be more thankful or proud of his mom for the selfless care she gave my babies, without any hesitation! Thank you SO much, Mimi!

The rest of this week has been filled with watching my babies drift in and out of sleep countless times a day, battling high fevers, forcing fluids (to the point of giving Pedialyte in a syringe every couple minutes,) and cuddles. Lots and LOTS of cuddles.


Over the week, we have seen small triumphs- tears returning when crying, eating a piece of toast, carrying Norah to the potty 6 times instead of 20 in one day, and Jonah actually having a wet diaper after a nap! I never thought I could be SO grateful for these things!

20130215-211317.jpgToday was a huge turning point for my family, Jonah’s appetite came back and he ate countless crackers and drank LOTS! Then, around 7pm Norah got off the couch by herself for the first time in 6 days and started coloring and playing! For a whole 10 minutes she played! Josh and I literally stared in amazement :).

Tonight, my babies are sleeping soundly and we are praying for health, energy, and hunger tomorrow! This has been the worst (and longest) stomach virus I have ever encountered. I never want to meet it again.

**Please keep Jodi and Emmy in your prayers! They have both have this same bug and need to start seeing some progress. We love you Smith family… and an award goes to Matt for taking care of his girls!

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