A Taste of Summer

Last Saturday, Josh’s Sno Shack did a “Taste of Summer.” It was a beautiful day to both remind people that summer is right around the corner, and also to raise money for New Hope Oklahoma.


For an hour and a half we opened one of our shaved ice stands to give away free sno cones, free Chick Fil A sandwiches, and even some t-shirts! Nearly 500 people came out to celebrate with us.


Norah and Jonah were SO excited to be at the “Daddy’s Sno Shack.” Norah danced for all the customers and then when she got tired of that, she sat down to model. πŸ™‚20130207-163438.jpg20130207-163432.jpg

Even the “Sno Shack fam” thought it was fun to be back and serving sno cones… aka happiness! We have the world’s best employees! 20130207-163334.jpg20130207-163327.jpg(No, that man in the back photo-bombing is not one of our employees πŸ™‚ haha)

New Hope Oklahoma is a local charity that Josh’s Sno Shack has supported for a couple years. They do after-school programs, summer camps, holiday parties, and social gatherings for children of prisoners. This is my favorite line from their purpose statement, “…children are lifted from isolation and fear into possibility and hope.” How awesome is that!20130207-164752.jpg

Our good friend, Lindsay Fry-Geier, recently accepted the position of Executive Director for the charity. She has a passion and determination to change the lives of hurting children. She can quote one statistic after another regarding the cycle of incarceration and she has a plan to stop the cycle. She, and the New Hope Staff/Volunteers, are a passionate voice, advocating for hurting children without a voice.


The more you hear about New Hope- the stories, the successes, the empowerment- the more you realize that this is the heart of God (James 1:27). To reach out to the fatherless (or motherless), to give love and security, to give kids a chance who never even had one…. as a mom, my heart breaks for these kids. Every kid deserves to know love!

We recently got this super sweet card in the mail, from one of the New Hope kids. Love it!20130207-164758.jpg

I’m so excited that we can support New Hope and see the change in our city!

Want more info? Visit www.NewHopeOklahoma.org or contact Lindsay at Lindsay@NewHopeOkahoma.org

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Tulsa World

News on 6

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