For Sale!

We’ve finally taken the great plunge of putting our house up for sale. I can hardly believe we’re selling our sweet little home. It’s been very good to us and will be missed or sure. It holds so many special memories for us.

This house-hunting business sure has been tough for us. My family has always called me the “now woman” because I always want to do things NOW. Why waste time running numbers, checking comps, and weighing the options. If I love it, let’s BUY IT! Wow… so glad I’m married to my opposite. We even each other out quite well, but that’s not to say there hasn’t been some discouraging moments during this whole process.

After finally realizing we can’t find something we love at the right price, we’ve begun looking into building. Picking out your specific taste in everything? Sounds awesome, but the building manager did mention that “if a couple can build together, then they can make it through anything together”. Somehow, not so comforting. Anyway, who knows what we’ll end up doing but we did decide, either way, we’d love to sell our house and get that out of the way so we can rest easy and feel more comfortable buying. So here we go!

If our house does sell quick, we may be moving into an apartment while we build or continue this house-hunt. We may even be bringing home a newborn to a little, undecorated, in-between apartment. This goes completely against all parts of my personality and makes me nervous on every level. I had Emmy’s nursery painted at 6 weeks along and started nesting immediately. BUT I am telling myself to just roll with it, it could be fun!

Here’s hoping this place sells quick and we can relax, because constantly keeping your house spotless with a little one is a very tiring job, never-mind being pregnant at the same time. Oh joy! 🙂


P.S. If you’re interested in buying a 3 bedroom home in Jenks, you should email me, because we totally have one. 🙂

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