Our Week in Snapshots


On Sunday night we celebrated our sweet nephew’s birthday. Jonah, the little man, turned ONE! So proud of that guy!


Monday was such a beautiful windy day so we headed out on a walk with neighbor friends. It made me so excited for Spring! Yahooo!20130201-165230.jpg

On Monday night, we went to Angie’s mother-in-law, Kim’s, house for dinner. The kids had so much fun going up and down the stairs together all night long. I love our family. 20130201-165152.jpg

On Tuesday, I had the best rainy, girls-day ever. My friends, Mine’ and Kirsten, had the day off so we met for breakfast at First Watch. Emmy, my “little eater,” refused all the foods she loved and opted for spitting them out and throwing them to the ground. After breakfast we headed home to make some popcorn, put on our sweats, and watch the Bachelor and a movie. Loved it! I think Emmy was starting not to feel too hot on this day.20130201-165241.jpg

The next day I got the stomach bug and spent most of the day lying on the floor, trying to entertain Emmy, without throwing up on her. 😦 Good thing she got a great babysitter and mommy could recover by napping. We were feeling much better but very groggy on Thursday. Emmy found a bag of tortillas to get into…20130201-165251.jpg

Thursday night we got a call on our “make me move” listing on Zillow and made an appointment to show our house Friday night. So all night last night and all day today I’ve been scrubbing this place floor to ceiling, hiding massive piles of toys, and stuffing our cars with unappealing “junk”. Oh boy- this whole selling the house thing seems hectic. So, I decided I deserved a big caramel frap. Hmm.. probably not but it did make me feel better. 20130201-165321.jpg

And since all Emmy’s toys were put away and I didn’t want her to tear into our neatly organized cupboards, I took her on a date to the mall for her “wake time”.20130201-165305.jpg

SIDE-NOTE: Once home for her nap, I tried out “Old English” wood polish. MAN OH MAN! I could do an infomercial for this stuff. It took our old worn out looking cabinets from drab to fab in seconds. Informercial-esque, yes! But, seriously. Try it. I wish I had a looooong time ago.


Sunday we celebrated Jonah’s birthday… an overwhelmingΒ party post is coming next week!

Monday was AMAZING and we headed to the park with Mimi and Aunt Jenn. The kids were loving it! Jonah even got to ride his first slides by himself :).

On Tuesday, Jonah’s top left tooth finally broke through the surface and we had a very happy little boy for the first time in several weeks!


The kids also decided that Jonah’s baby food packets were a great toy to dump all over the floor while I unloaded groceries. One mess in exchange for the other…

That night, Norah spent the night with Gram and Jonah spent the night with Mimi. This was our first night to be kid free since Jonah was born. It took us EXACTLY one year to let Jonah spend the night away from us. We celebrated with a late dinner and movie date. Love this man!


Wednesday was Jonah’s official 1st birthday. Mimi snapped this precious picture of him (and his new tooth) when I picked him up.
On Thursday, Norah and I colored for a long time before bed. Some nights, we just need some special alone time after Jonah goes to bed! I was so proud of the way she colored in this heart I drew! She actually tried to stay in the lines πŸ™‚

Today was Aunt Tori’s “Winter Court.” It is basically the prom of her private school. Norah loved stopping by the beauty shop to see Aunt Tori’s “fancy hair.”

After naps, we went to see Aunt Tori and her date in their “fancy clothes.” She was excited to tell Aunt ToriΒ  how beautiful she was and Tori’s date, “You look handsome,” but she froze as soon as she saw him. The girl never gets shy, but I guess she thought Aunt Tori’s date was pretty cute ;).




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