Our Week in Snapshots


On Monday, we spent lots of time practicing walking with her walker, playing at home, and watching project runway with friends.20130125-170030.jpgOn Tuesday, we went house hunting and found the house of our dreams. Wednesday we started the drive to our realtor’s office to make an offer and got a call that they already accepted someone else’s offer. Big bummer for us this week. 20130125-170038.jpgWednesday night we drowned our house sorrows, with a birthday date. Matt turned 29. (yikes!) H.J. and Chelsea came over to watch Emerson and we went to Cheesecake Factory. As two people who eat carb/sugar free diets 90% of the time, we really went crazy with pasta, fried food, and a slice of cheesecake to split. 20130125-170059.jpgOn Thursday night, my friend Lauren came in town from Orlando. Matt was sweet to have some daddy/daughter time while I went and had dinner with Lauren and some girlfriends. It felt so great to be reunited with such a wonderful life-long friend. It’s always fun to laugh about old stories and people of the past. 20130125-170123.jpgCHEESE! Mommy let me bring Suzie to lunch!20130125-170047.jpgLauren’s here! Emmy sure loves her too! Today we got to hit up our favorite joint, Cheddars!!! We did some shopping, and coffee-drinking, and lots of quality time. AND she brought Emmy the most adorable Zara coat for her birthday. I think we’ll keep her. 🙂20130125-170133.jpgTADA!! 20130125-170155.jpg



Sunday we spent time at Gram and Pa’s. Norah loved sharing snacks with Pa on the stairs and Jonah and Emmy were two peas-in-a-pod.20130125-225028.jpg

By Sunday night, I had caught a stomach virus and spent the night running to the bathroom… thank God for an old prescription of Phenergan in my cupboard! Needless to say, Monday we spent lots of time cuddling and relaxing.

Then on Monday night, Jonah surprised us by WALKING! Yay! 10 days before his first birthday and he’s off!


Tuesday, I was back on my feet and sanitized/cleaned the house from top to bottom. NO MORE sickness in my home… life has felt like a cruel joke in the illness arena the last couple months. 7 hours of cleaning and my house looked PERFECT. Kids wake up from their naps, and this is my living room 30 minutes later. Oh… #momlife


Jonah also earned his first black eye :(. I wish I could say it was due to a walking exploit, but unfortunately, I was holding him after a morning bath when he lunged for Norah’s snacks on the counter and face-planted the counter instead. He is a fearless little boy!


Wednesday we went out for a late lunch and ice cream before Daddy headed to class (grad school at OSU.) Only when your a kid do you choose “Birthday Cake” flavor and sprinkles at CherryBerry. 🙂


Thursday we went to Party City to pick up a few last minute things for Jonah’s party while Daddy was at school again. The kids LOVED all the fun things to touch and play with. Exhausting trip for Mommy since both goobers wanted to empty every bin onto the floor!


Waking up from afternoon naps is one of my favorite times with these two! They are cuddly and sweet…. and so excited to see each other. Today they were loving cuddling Xavi! We have the sweetest, most patient dog!


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