Mom of 2

I still can’t believe we’ll be welcoming a brand new little one into our family this year. I never thought I would be pregnant with my second child at age 24. Life seems to be speeding along so fast! Where is that pause button!?

Every mom, that stops to google over Emmy at the grocery store, reminds me to enjoy her because their baby is now 15 or 20 or 3o. It absolutely blows my mind to think Emmy could ever turn any one of those ages. Not her! She’s just a baby. When they say this it makes me think about the ways I can “enjoy” her while she’s this age. How can I be the type of mother who has no regrets by the time she’s all grown up? And, can enjoying every moment of her life keep me from wishing I could do it all over again once it’s over? I doubt it. No matter how much time I spend loving on her, someday she’ll just want to spend all her time with her friends. No matter how many times I make a fool out of myself to make her laugh, someday she probably won’t think I’m that funny or cool. Even though she has to grow up someday, I hope that my daughter and I always share a special bond.

When I found out we were unexpectedly expecting again, honestly, a part of my heart hurt. I wasn’t ready to let go of emmy/mommy time. I didn’t feel ready to open up my heart to make room for loving someone else as much as I love her. I didn’t want to rush through her life at all. I wanted to give her all my attention and love for at least a little longer. Thank goodness, I’ve heard this feeling is common among moms of two in the beginning. That is until they fall in love with baby #2 and see the special bond form between their two kids. I am glad that Emmy will have a sibling so close in age. I know she’ll be a sweet big sister and have the best time having a playmate.

This new baby will be bringing LOTS of change our way. I’m nervously awaiting all the brand new reality checks life as a stay-at-home mom of two will bring. Suddenly I’ll be outnumbered, sleep-deprived, and emotional. What could go wrong?! (“she said sarcastically”)

Besides feeling anxious about the business that I’m sure is heading our way, I am so thrilled to experience falling in love all over again. I look forward to holding another sweet baby and going through all the fun we’ve just had with Emmy all over again. I’ll need all the advice Angie has on how to manage two so close together and still maintain my sanity.

All I know is Emmy was the biggest surprise for Matt and I and she turned out to be the greatest adventure we could have imagined. I would never trade the way things ended up going. Sometimes the unplanned things of life wind up being the best. So here we go again, on another adventure. You can definitely count on lots of pregnancy posts and updates. Oh joy! πŸ™‚20130124-153338.jpg




2 thoughts on “Mom of 2

  1. Abigail Campbell says:

    Love the honesty, Jode, very touching.
    Also I have no doubt you will find more love to spread to this new little one as well- you always seem to have it bubbling over! πŸ™‚


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