5 Health Products Every New Mom Needs

Being a new mom is full of new challenges, new worries, and new information. I remember spending hours on Google just to make sure my sweet newborns were “normal.” Over my short course of 2.5years as mom I have learned about some AMAZING products that every mom should have in her arsenal. 🙂

1. Resinol $5.99- best stuff there is for a bad diaper rash! This stuff has analgesic properties, so it actually relieves the pain too. My little one had a nasty stomach bug for 5 weeks as a 13 month old. By the end, she would scream in pain anytime she was wet. We had done EVERYTHING and I had bought every kind of cream there was. I finally called the doctor and he told us about this product. It worked within 10 minutes to relieve pain and after a couple of hours the burned look had dissipated. It is behind the counter at the pharmacy, so you just have to ask for it.

2. BioGaia $29.99- probiotics for infants! Having a winter baby, I loved have a liquid probiotic that I could give my infant during cold/flu season. It is a very small amount of liquid and has no flavor, so it was super easy to just drop in my little one’s mouth. Their website advertises that it is a help for colic too- worth a try!

3. StriVectin $53.55- makes stretch marks go into hiding. I say hiding, because they come back again with your next pregnancy :(. If you’re one of those lucky women that can gain 50 lbs in 9 months and not suffer a stretch mark, forget this section you’re blessed. I wasn’t that women though and after my first pregnancy, I was devastated to think I would forever be embarrassed by my crazy looking tummy. A friend told me about this product and I was willing to try anything. It worked! I was super faithful and used it 3 x a day and within 12 weeks, you could only see the stretch marks if you were searching for them. Unfortunately, you can’t use this product while breastfeeding, but jump on it as soon as you’re done! The newer the stretch marks, the better it works. I’m just starting a round again… I’ll let you know how it works the second time around.

4. Mother’s Milk Tea $5.49- a breastfeeding mom’s best friend. This stuff really works! I am such a skeptic about most “natural” products, especially tea. But as a new mom, you do so much out of desperation. You have to drink 3-5 glasses a day, so I don’t know if it was the increased fluids, feeling of relaxation that tea brings, or the actual properties of the tea that worked for my milk supply and Jonah’s health. But whichever it was, this product really increased my supply whenever we would go through “droughts” and I always noticed that Jonah had less gas when I was drinking it consistently. It tastes pretty good too! And you can get it at your local pharmacy…

5. Nose Frida $14.54- This thing is seriously crazy. It sucks the JUNK out. It is faster, cleaner and more thorough than those bulky blue aspirators they give you at the hospital. Check it out… you’ll think it is grose, but then when your little one gets congested you’ll know it is practically an answer to prayer. And, if you were wondering, there’s a sponge between you and baby- no way to pass the gunk to the mommy. 😉

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