Family Getaway

This week we went on our first little family getaway. We road tripped four hours north to the great Kansas City. Not the beach… or even a mountain, but it is a great city for a getaway! Groupon ran a special for the The Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City a couple weeks ago and we jumped at the opportunity to take a little trip to a super fun family resort.


We headed out mid-morning at Jonah’s first nap, hoping that it would give us a couple solid hours of happy driving. My confidence in our timing plummeted as we pulled out of the neighborhood and Norah excitedly asked, “Are we almost there?!!” She and Jonah happily squealed and babbled for the text 10 minutes, until Jonah started grunting and the car started stinking. We made it 10 MINUTES in our seat belts.


(Norah telling us, “Oh man, stiiiinky!”)

Thank God for the minivan, because we definitely didn’t stop the car to change his diaper. Bad mom move, I know.

From there on out, the kids did exceptionally well. Jonah slept 2 hrs. We stopped at the 3hr mark and had lunch; let the kids run around the local Dairy Queen in Garnett, Kansas. Kinda felt like Waiting for Guffman. Side note- we listened to the local teenagers talk about if they had ever been to a Starbucks while we were there. One girl bragged she had been there twice, but couldn’t remember where they were (haha).

(Vacay is all about splurging… even on chocolate ice cream!)

After lunch, both kids zonked out for the final hour of the trip and Josh and I finally got a break from Dora on DVD.



The lodge was beautiful and Norah jumped for joy when she saw the AMAZING indoor water park. We dropped our bags in the room and headed right down for some fun. It was SO FUN! They had great water slides for toddlers, fountains, wadding pools, a HUGE fort, a lazy river, and even a family hot tub. Both our kids LOVED it. Jonah giggled in the fountains and Norah was beyond proud of herself for doing the water slides!







At bedtime, we realized that they didn’t have a crib for us… instead it was a VERY used pack n’ play. Our strong-willed little boy is NOT a fan of pack n’ plays. Even as a newborn, he hated it. But, without any other options, we padded up the bunchy pack n’ play mattress as much as safely possible and put Jonah to bed. Our usually good sleeper cried every time he turned over until 11pm. This quickly prompted Norah to exclaim, in her 10-decibels-too-high toddler voice, “Oh, Jonah waked-up!!!” All this commotion was too much for Norah to calm down and I ended up climbing in bed to sleep with her. Talk about bad sleep! Norah is worse than Jodi was as a kid- rolling all over, legs on my face, feet in my back.

By morning, I just wanted a BIG cup of coffee.

We spent the next day shopping at the Plaza which would have been really great… if it wasn’t below freezing. My kids already had runny noses, but this only made things worse. After a couple hours and some warm soup at Panera, we headed back to the hotel to try swimming instead. Both kids fell asleep in the car and we ended up driving around Kansas City for an hour and a half to let them sleep. Crazy the things you do as parents! The funny part is that Josh and I loved having the chance to just talk and not have anywhere to go or anyone to interrupt us with an “Excuse me, Mommy!!”

(Another vacay treat. She picked this birthday cake treat out and said it was to, “celebrate Enerson’s birthday!”)

(Dancing in the mirrors is the best part of shopping for these two!)


(Enjoying our quiet time in the car.)

That night, they had story-time in the lobby and both my kids loved meeting the giant raccoon mascot.


Our second night’s sleep was almost worse than the first. Jonah cried off an on from 3-5:30am and Josh and I took turns rocking, bouncing, etc. Anything to keep him from waking his sweetly sleeping sister.

We had planned to stay all day Wednesday at the water park, but by morning Jonah was more snotty than ever and both Josh and I had sore throats. A severe lack of sleep, cold, and the kids not having their own rooms got the best of us. We headed home at Jonah’s first nap again.

Jonah slept almost 3 hours and Norah watched Dora. By the time everyone needed to get out and stretch their legs, we had reached the Oklahoma border and felt home free.


Overall, we successfully conquered our first little road trip and my kids were patient little travelers. Norah LOVED the glass elevators, sleeping in a big bed, and playing at the water park. Jonah loved so much of it too… just not the pack n’ play.


Hotel living with babies is hard. Not something I, or my kids are good at… yet. We’ll try another hotel getaway next year. But until then (if I want to sleep), I’ll opt for places with real beds and doors to block out cries.


Now, to catch up on some much needed sleep…

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