Our Week in Snapshots


I’m not entirely sure what we did this week, but we did stay busy. Maybe we were just busy playing at home? I don’t know, but that’s kind of how life goes as a mom. Time disappears before you even realized it was there.

If I haven’t said it before, these two REALLY love each other!


It rained this week (wish it was snow) and Norah was SO excited to put on her rain boots and get her “brella” to go jump in the puddles!

She was even more fascinated by MUDDY PUDDLES. It was absolutely wonderful to see her so excited and I have to say she even convinced me to jump in the mud too!

We have a new grocery store, Reasors, that when in by our house. They have about 6 different cart choices for moms: cars, convertibles, double-seated carts, handicap bucket carts, short carts, regular carts.. and maybe more. Either way, can you tell how much these two love driving the grocery cart??!

Norah had class at the Little Gym this morning and she LOVES it! I signed her up from a Groupon, but I have a feeling she’ll want to continue even after our mini-sessions expire. The staff is really great with the kiddos!

At the end of class, they let the parents in to play with their toddlers. Jonah-man and Gram came along for the adventure and they both loved Little Gym too!

Norah has this stereotypical little girl LOVE for Chapstick, lip gloss, and lipstick. She would coat her lips (and maybe her whole face) a thousand times, if I would let her. She found lipstick in my make-up drawer this afternoon and asked if she could put it on. I said, “No, not right now.” She said, “Okay…” and walked away. 15 seconds later she walks back into the bathroom with a calculator to her ear and says, “I just called Mimi and she said I can have lipstick!” hahaha She won that battle with sheer cuteness!


This week involved lots of playing at home for us too. We were excited to get a whole other tub of Norah hand-me-downs. Thanks Ang!20130113-001336.jpgMine’ came over to play on Thursday and we had a blast! We watched the Bachelor, crawled through her tunnel, and solved all the world’s problems over cups of coffee. 20130113-001349.jpgModeling more Norah outfits! This cute little romper over tights look only lasted one diaper change. No snaps= completely undressing. No thanks! #momlife20130113-001421.jpgSomebody took a loooong nap and was pretty happy about it!20130113-005122.jpgWe went to a game night at Angie’s house on Friday night and decided to make it a sleepover for these cousins. Neither of them have ever shared a room so we had no clue how it would turn out. They cuddled up for some Dora before bedtime.20130113-001429.jpgThe first slumber party was a success! Woo-hoo! Norah knew she had to be verrrry quiet and she did great! They even slept in late. Emmy woke up at 10:15 when I came in to wake her up!! What!?20130113-001502.jpgThese two love this car! Sweet buddies playing together. The night before, we were all talking in the kitchen and living room and these two crawled off to Norah’s room to play with this car all by themselves. Matt and I snuck up to check on them and they were just babbling away, trying to both fit in at the same time. May be heading to the sno shack!?20130113-001507.jpgShe is such a good cousin to miss em. Norah was so excited she had a sleepover “like Franklin!”

20130113-001512.jpgTonight we got a date night with hj and Chelsea at an Oru bball game. It brought back lots if college memories, which Chelsea and I chatted about the entire time rather than watching the game. πŸ™‚ 20130113-001627.jpg


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