King Family Christmas

On Sunday, we FINALLY celebrated Christmas with the King family. December was a rough month for my family with every seasonal virus running its course through my kids.. then, by the time we were non-contagious the Smiths had headed for Chicago. We were all so very excited to celebrate and spend the WHOLE day together! 🙂

We met at our parent’s house as soon as everyone was up and we could all get out the door. I brought my kids in their PJs and Josh and I wore comfy clothes. To my dismay (and disappointment), everyone actually looked quite dapper. Jodi DEFINITELY ruined Christmas tradition on that field ;). Good thing I brought a change of clothes for the kids!

Josh made an AMAZING quiche- ground turkey, goat cheese, spinach, and cherry tomato. YUM! My mom made one with sausage and bacon too, because who wants too healthy on Christmas? Jodi contributed by bringing the Cinnamon Spin Wheels in honor of our Grandma. Our Grandma was a funny lady and she ALWAYS bought Cinnamon Spin Wheels to serve us after sleepovers. Norah loved this part of breakfast! 😉

After we ate, we started in on the pile of Christmas presents. We did the kids first, so that the babies could get down for morning naps and Norah could have entertainment while we did the adult presents (kinda crazy that we are the “adults” now!)

Nor was very excited to see her BFF!

Merry Christmas Aunt JoJo!


The first present was these cute like bikes for the babies and a big wheel for Norah.  Em and Jonah LOVED these bikes! It was the cutest thing! Emmy even showed Jonah how to spin the rattle!





After his morning nap, Aunt Jodi took advantage of quite time with my cuddly little man.


These magnets were actually a present for Jonah-man, but Norah loved naming all the animals and the sounds they make. She even shared with Emmy!



Emmy got this fun Xylophone. Norah was very jealous and wanted to play with it too!


These goobers LOVE the stairs. Emmy saw Jonah take off up the stairs and got motivated to go too! Grandma even had to break out the baby gate. They are going to be great buds for a LONG time!


Opening stocking presents with my Jonah-man. His favorite gift- a toothbrush! This little man LOVES to gnaw on toothbrushes!


Norah’s first Cabbage Patch Doll. She wasn’t quite sure what to think of the odd looking baby, but she was very impressed that she had a belly button!


Grandma got these fun wax lips for everyone. We took lots of silly pictures!



Such a fun Christmas! Until next year!

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