Downtown Date!

Matt’s family lives in a Chicago suburb about 45 minutes from the hustle and bustle of fabulous restaurants, shops, and buildings. Every time we visit we take full advantage of our babysitters (who want to soak up as much Emmy-time as possible). This time we took the train, always fun people-watching. Although, I must say I’m definitely not discrete. I’m sure my stare lingered just a little too long several times, but hey! we’re from Oklahoma. We don’t see such things in the Bible belt. 🙂 I absolutely love city-life and think it would be so fun live like that for a year or two. It was always a dream of mine as a teenager but now I feel we are pretty rooted in Tulsa. I think I’ve come to realize that life is more about the people we spend it with, than where we are, especially with raising kids. It’s so important to me that our children grow up close to their aunts, uncles, and grandparents. So, this mom will settle for the occasional taste of city life and enjoy Tulsa more everyday (because I do!).

This picture truly describes the way we both feel about the day of shopping ahead of us. But in reality this is just Matt, hating the fact that we have to take a picture. How would we ever remember this without a photo???20121231-081926.jpgFinally got him to do one normal pic. What a sport!20121231-081920.jpgAs soon as we stepped off the train, we headed to H&M. The fact that we still can’t order online and Tulsa doesn’t have one is unacceptable. Love this place! Matt’s epic finds from H&M? a scarf and three pairs of socks, which were all put on at the same time right away.20121231-082014.jpgAfter some shopping on State Street we were chilled to the bone and needed a pick me up. On our hunt for Zara we bumped into Magnolia Bakery. I had cupcakes for breakfast here once on a trip to NYC and loved this adorable little spot and their yummy treats. 20121231-082003.jpgWe doubled up on samples of carrot cake cupcake and sipped on some hot coffee to warm up. Is it just me or is frosting a million times better when made with cream cheese? Sinfully delicious… 20121231-082054.jpg(In my most sarcastic voice) Matt just loves cute little bakeries, cupcakes, and taking pictures with food. 🙂 Love this man!20121231-081948.jpgPersonally, I was in heaven…20121231-081939.jpgAfter our lovely little cupcake stop, we headed to Zara, my most favorite store. Once again, why can’t we have one in Tulsa? There IS something so fun about visiting stores you don’t have in town and picking up pieces that are unique though. When I saw a sign that said, “kids”, I dropped what I was doing and ran for the escalator. It’s seriously a “kid in a candy shop” moment when I shop Zara kids. What’s wrong with me??? Anyway, I was very disappointed to find it was only ages 2 and up. WHAT!? How could they? After browsing the cutest miniature tweed blazers and feeling sorry for myself for a couple minutes I headed back downstairs to shop for myself. Somehow it’s just not as fun as mini-me clothes. I think it’s the fact that when shopping for myself I have to consider how things will look on my body (wa-wa) but with Emmy everything is sure to look adorable. If these shorts make her butt look big, they’ll be even cuter. 🙂 Matt found a cozy bench to  wait for me on. What a trooper he is! After this we hit the streets again.

The wind downtown is absolutely biting! If you don’t believe just look at these poor pigeons we ran into. This little flame was meant to be a memorial but instead it’s being used as a fire-pit for these guys. The flames were actually touching some of their wings and they didn’t even care. Anything to stay warm! Do you think there’s a rotation process for who get’s to be closest to the fire?20121231-082115.jpg

20121231-082025.jpgWe tried to take a pic of our breath in the cold but instead we got this…20121231-082109.jpgAll week long I’ve been hearing about Garrett’s. Being the total popcorn enthusiasts that we are, we just had to get some. They are on almost every corner downtown and fill the streets with the most delicious smell of caramel popcorn. We tried to eat it as we ran down the street but our fingers almost fell off. I will say it lived up to the hype. The cheese flavored corn was the bomb! I think I’ll be stopping here each time we visit now. 20121231-082101.jpg

20121231-082040.jpgLater, we grabbed some lunch and thawed out at Bar Louie. At this point we were a little on the chilly side and about ready to head home to our punkin. It’s so nice to get these breaks to spend time with each other though. Life gets so busy and it’s easy to go great stretches of time without having real conversation where the other person has your undivided attention. I treasure these times we are alone to focus on each other and make memories as the two of us. Thank you Lyn for watching our pumpkin and giving us a chance to be “free” together! Grandmas are the best! We’re heading back down to celebrate New Years tonight and I’m actually sad we’ll be missing Angie and Josh’s annual cream soda and cheese party. Well, I just miss them in general. Glad we’ll be reunited soon!!!

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