Christmas Recap…

We had a wonderful Christmas and actually opened our gifts as a family on Christmas Eve. I think Emmy had finally gotten the hang of this whole unwrapping thing. She’ll be a pro by her birthday! She even pulled all the gifts out of her stocking, unwrapped them herself, and checked out the toy inside. Amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚ She got so many fun things from Grandma and Grandpa and so did Matt and I. Wow! Feeling very blessed this year. My husband led me on my favorite, a clue hunt. I got to run all over the house searching for clues to the location of my present. Bonus was each clue was attached to some kind of chocolate. SCORE! I loved everything and we had a blast laughing and watching Emmy. Here’s a look at our Christmas Eve…

Great-grandma came over in the morning. Her and Em are absolutely adorable together: high-fiving, clapping, and giggling away.ย 20121227-093523.jpgย A picnic basket for the little lady…20121227-093434.jpgEmmy got a little doggie puppet from her grandparents and it was love at first sight. Hugs and even kisses…ย 20121227-093408.jpg 20121227-093333.jpgย Then she got all cozy in her jammies to open her very first stocking. What a genius baby. ๐Ÿ™‚20121227-093319.jpgChristmas morning we grabbed Emmy and brought her to the “big bed” to cuddle with mom and daddy. I feel a new tradition being born. ๐Ÿ™‚ Too bad we have to trick her into cuddling by giving her a bottle.ย 20121227-093212.jpgMy one goal Christmas day was to get a family picture by the tree. This was the closest we came… hmm…20121227-093104.jpgShe was held by so many people and loved on lots. She loved all the excitement!ย 20121227-093149.jpgMatt’s cousin has two daugheters, Bryanna and Alyssa. These girls were the best at entertaining Miss Emmy! Alyssa chased her all around the house several times, scooted her all around the house on Mr. Tiger, and Bryanna “chinged” glasses and had a tea party with her. It’s so funny to watch her interact with other kids. She seemed so old just playing “games”, checking out new toys, and giggling with friends. We love it.ย 20121227-093118.jpg20121227-093125.jpgEmmy opened a book from Great-grandma all by herself. She loves veggie tales and has already read this story cover to cover 100 times. Like I said, genius baby. haha20121227-093135.jpg

20121227-093140.jpgAll-in-all it was a great celebration. We were so blessed and had a great time being with family and making memories. Now we still have to celebrate with my side of the family in January. I do love extending Christmas as long as possible. ๐Ÿ™‚

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