Christmas Vaca Beginnings…

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

This year we are celebrating Chicago-style and Miss Em is having a ball with her grandparents and new friends, Alyssa and Bryanna. We’re having so much fun showing Emmy all the excitement of celebrating the best day of the year!

We started our trip with a plane ride smack dab in the middle of her morning nap. She hasn’t missed this nap since birth and I was just sure it would be an absolute nightmare. I pictured many a dirty look from the other passengers weeks before we took off. Stress much!? But, of course, Emmy surprised us both and was a blessed little angel. A fidgety angel but, none-the-less, happy. She ate tons of snacks, read stories, stared at strangers, and even cuddled us (What!?). She made it all the way until 2:00 and she was fast asleep by the time we hit the highway. Praise God for Christmas miracles. πŸ™‚

Being a stay-at-home mom makes it easy to fall into a schedule with her and get very used to doing things the easiest way for us. When she sleeps, she’s happy. Simple as that. Even with our airplane success story, being away from home with a baby is always a little stressful. I have to continually remind myself to let go and just roll with the punches.

I can’t wait to share other stories from our vacation adventure but here’s a look at our happy travels with this goober.

First time riding in the bjorn in quite some time. It was perfect for the airport! Definitely remembering this trick!20121224-214121.jpg

20121224-214216.jpgOther favorite airplane entertainment? Crackers. She could munch for hours, happy as a clam.Β 20121224-214205.jpgShe seriously has the best dad ever. He used every trick in the book to keep this wild girl entertained. He held her almost the entire time, making up all kinds of “games” to keep her occupied. These two are buds.20121224-214149.jpgSilly daddy thought she might want to take a nap in his arms. Nope! She just wanted to “honk” on his nose and grab his tongue.Β 20121224-214223.jpgAh! Sweet sleep time. She’s off to dreamworld…20121224-214309.jpgHope everyone has an amazing Christmas. We are so thankful Jesus came to save us! He is so good!

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