It’s Christmas Eve, Babe.

It’s Christmas Eve and here in Oklahoma it feels a little more like October. In fact, I think it was colder two months ago, than it is today. Nonetheless, all that is said to change tonight. SNOW!!

The idea of a white Christmas makes me giddy! I am so excited to see the look on Norah’s face when she wakes up to snow, a crackling fire, and presents to open. Jonah will just be happy to see breakfast. πŸ™‚

It is amazing how your perspective on Christmas (and everything else) changes as a mom. All your life, you look forward to the latest toy, a new sweater or the perfect electronic…. then you become a parent and you just look forward to the reaction. The smile or the gasp as the wrapping paper is torn away from the gift. It fills your heart with delight and you wish you could bottle up the moment so you could experience it over and over again.

On Saturday, we did Christmas with Josh’s family and the kids LOVED it. They loved the attention, the new toys, and just being with family. Norah loved opening presents and wanted to play with everything the moments that she got it! She was very sweet though and said “Thank you for Christmas” to everyone!


My attempt at a picture of both of them in front of Mimi’s pretty tree.


Josh’s parents got us this crazy inverted work out bench and the kids thought it was a great climber.


Norah and Jonah got a doctor kit, a music kit, blocks, a soccer goal, a play camera, and some clothes. Basically, it’s time to pack up all the old toys to make room for their new entertainment. πŸ™‚




We LOVE Mimi and Pops… and Aunt Jen and Aunt Tori. So blessed to have amazing family in our lives!

Tomorrow will be our first Christmas to wake up at home and just celebrate as our little family. It will be filled with wonder, joy and excitement. Many more pictures to come!

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