Our Week in Snapshots


This was another long week of breathing treatments, rest and healing for us. Croup, RSV, and the flu passed around to all four of us in the last three weeks, but I think we are FINALLY on the mend and should all be well for Christmas! Praise God!


We made Christmas chocolates for friends/family! Josh went all out for this- getting the right chocolate courvertures, talking to a local chocolatier, and even making his own Kahlua Caramel. They are delicious!
ps. I let Josh have free rain of the kitchen… forgive the mess! πŸ™‚


We had our staff Christmas party for Josh’s Sno Shack. It was so fun! We do a murder mystery party every year and all the snow’istas really get into it. We seriously have the BEST group of young people!

Our good friend and snow’ista, Zina, made this AMAZING puppy chow and a coconut/chocolate dessert for the Christmas party. We took the leftovers home and Norah was VERY pleased! Zina makes the best puppy chow!


Jonah even went on his 1st Date πŸ˜‰



Nothing like starting the week off right! This girl was flashing me some serious pearly whites! These smiles are about as cheesy as they come…

20121221-182822.jpgOn Tuesday night we celebrated the engagement of my best friend’s sister, Sedef. It was so exciting surprising her with an engagement party right after her sweet proposal from Hunter. She was absolutely glowing and we’re beyond excited for them! 20121221-183003.jpgOn Thursday we had my parents over for a miniature pre-Christmas dinner and presents before we leave. I made a pot roast. Easiest thing ever and so delish! 20121221-183125.jpgEmmy got into the Christmas spirit with some antlers and even opened her first gifts ever. 20121221-184029.jpgThis week we got to do some Christmas shopping with Miss Mine’. She’s so fun!On Thursday we had another Christmas celebration with Uncle H.J. and Aunt Chelsea. Emmy loved unwrapping everyone’s gifts! Tearing paper is so fun!20121221-185857.jpgThey got her this adorable little tikes car. She was pretty shocked as we ran her all over the house in her sweet new ride. Thanks for being amazing HJ and Chels! 20121221-185904.jpgAs soon as Emmy woke up this morning I took for another spin in her Cozy Coup and this time she was lovin’ it! And to top it off she brought her favorite friend, Shiner dog, along for the ride (another hj/chels gift).20121221-184502.jpg

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