Newborn Cries to Big Girl Giggles

This girl is growing up. We are less than a month away from her birthday now and I’m not sure I can handle it. It’s hard to believe this year began with round the clock feedings, newborn cries, and postpartum hormones. I never thought we’d make it here (with smiles on our faces). When I look back on the first weeks of her life I remember simply wanting to strangle every person who ever told me, “Babies are such a blessing!”, and “You’re going to love it!”. Meanwhile, I felt like I was losing my sanity one minute at a time. Sure, there were sweet moments and many cuddles and kisses but for the most part I was a frazzled, panicked, stir-crazy, first-time mom.

Everyone told me it would get easier and I’d forget. I can’t say I’ve forgotten but it’s definitely gotten easier. Not just easier, fun! I actually enjoy nearly every part of being a mom now. I don’t break into a sweat when she burst into tears, for fear of not knowing how to calm her. I don’t wait for hours to shower or use the restroom, for fear of her crying when I set her down. I also don’t rock her to sleep or just cuddle her on the couch. While I miss those sweet things that she would never sit still for now, I’ll definitely take this age!

Emmy has changed from our cuddly little sweety to our adventurous little wild-woman! We are constantly making up new “games” with her. She loves playing chase with daddy around the house and squealing at the top of her lungs when he catches her. She would lunge off any chair or table for an iphone or something shiny. She has the most infectious laugh and the cheesiest smile I’ve ever seen. I’m so thankful she’s our happy girl that go, go, goes non-stop. It’s amazing to see her personality exploding as she learns to communicate more and more. I only wish I could freeze her.

Today we ran to Target for the mmm third time this week??? In our defense, we needed to make a return. Emmy has been leading a rebellion against sitting normal in all carts and high-chairs. She prefers to see everything going on around her. 20121220-140309.jpg

“What is this!? A strap!? How could you mom???”

20121220-140314.jpgSo in exchange for being strapped in she got to play with my iphone. Good parenting? I think not. We seriously need to break her of this iphoning habit. She thinks it’s hers and starts to whine any time we take it away. I thought this might happen at 14 but at 11 months, not cool.

After Target, we grabbed some lunch together and this girl munched on her own baguette. This is what I mean by “TOO OLD!” Sheesh!


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