Minivan Mom

My list of “things I’ll never do” was completely shattered last month. Sure, I had broken a few of my own rules, especially since becoming a mom. But picking a paci up off the ground and sticking it in my own mouth to clean it or running to Walmart with Norah still in her pajamas is nothing compared to the rule I just broke. I am officially the mom that I swore I would never be.

I drive a minivan.

Just let that sink in. We seriously just bought a minivan.

From the day I could drive, I swore to myself that I would never drive a minivan. My parents taught me to drive in our Dodge Caravan and I never wanted to be in the driver seat of a minivan again. I wanted to be the “cool mom” driving the sporty SUV, holding onto my youth and driving a “hot” car even with kids in tow. the picture in my head neglected the duties of everyday mom life. I didn’t imagine trying to lift a 2 year old up into a car seat while keeping my my hefty 10 month old in one arm or trying to get a baby into a carseat when the car next to me parked a mere 10 inches away. Oh, and where do you put a massive diaper bag in your cool SUV? In the backseat?… how do I get out a cracker or a Boogie Wipe in a moments notice when my velcro flap diaper back is in the backseat?

People do it all the time, most of my mom friends drive SUVs, Jodi has a beautiful SUV and I did to! However, when my beautiful SUV had yet another major issue, I knew it was time to embrace the #momlife. Minivan time.

We saw Joe Marina Honda had some newer used Odysseys in stock and decided to go check them out. We lucked out that it was both the end of the month and the end of the year. They offered us a great price for the “mom ride” (they’re wonderful) and we did it! I didn’t know if I was supposed to cry or rejoice. I was gettting a minivan… deep breath.

We said good-bye to my dream car… and what felt like my youth. But honestly, I couldn’t have been happier! My “mom” car has something like 15 cup holders, a DVD player, a cold box, built in sunshades, automatic everything, sliding doors, and PLENTY of room everywhere. It is awesome.

I can park anywhere at Target and know that I can easily unload my kids. I can open the hatch on the way out to the car. I can let Norah climb into her car seat all on her own and all I have to do is buckle her. I can load “Big Bob” into the back without totally breaking it down. The possibilities are endless. πŸ™‚

As we drove away from the Joe Marina Honda, Norah was cheering, “MINI-BAN, MINI-BAN, MINI-BAN! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She woke up from her afternoon nap asking, “Can I go play in the mini-ban now?” I think she thought we bought a jungle gym.

Josh and I have joked many times since we got our hot rod that our “cool factor” has plummeted… and maybe even bottomed out. Jodi even responded, “NOOOOOOOO!!!” when I told her we bought the minivan! πŸ™‚ hahaha

The thing is, when your neck-high in the mom life, things that make your life easier always win. The minivan won this battle.

I have officially become a little more of the Mom that I thought I would never be. I have shattered my list of “things I’ll never do as a mom”… and I’m pretty happy to say I did. My Honda Odyssey is amazing. I love #momlife and now I love my minivan.

Norah and Jonah love it too!




Norah’s FAVORITE botton!


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