1st Words

Jonah has been cooing, babbling, and screaming (for joy) since he was itty bitty. He is definitly a Juarez through and through. However, he is no where near as advanced vocally as Norah was at his age. Maybe a second kid thing, maybe a boy thing, or maybe Norah was just always meant to be the jabberbox of the family.

At 10 months old, Norah was saying the following: Mama, Daddy, Abi (for Xavi), Aga (for Grandma), Ba-Ba (for bottle), Na-Na (for banana), and uh-oh.

At 10 months old, Jonah was saying, “AHH!” and “deh, deh, deh”. Neither indicating anything.

Yesterday, he said his first real word though and totally knows what it means! He loves his “Da-da- Daddy!”

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