Houston Getaway!

Matt recently started a new job working for a company based out of Houston. Ever since he started all we’ve been hearing about is the Christmas party. Apparently they go big. His first email was an invitation to Houston with all expenses paid for two nights. This was probably the best Christmas present ever. It wasn’t Hawaii (or even close) but it was two days of pure couple relaxation time. We had such a good time being “free” for a spell. We loved enjoying some luxury and getting to know his sweet co-workers. Everyone was so nice and they definitely treat their employees well. Here’s a look at our short little getaway…

The plaid family loads the airplane. 🙂 We found out just before boarding all food/drinks were covered for the weekend. That’s when I went straight to Starbucks for a venti frap because why not!? I must say it was very strange to travel without a kid this time. I might have even fallen asleep on the plane. We heard a little baby crying in back and this time all I could think was, “Aw that poor mama traveling all by herself, Lord help her”. 20121216-155632.jpgWe stayed at the Hilton downtown. It was really beautiful and I especially enjoyed the big white robe, room service, and TV. 20121216-155823.jpgAs soon as we got in, we got ready and set out for the Galleria. Matt bought me some new heels from Zara for the party. He’s a keeper. 20121216-155846.jpgAfter the mall we walked to dinner at Massraff’s. It was so delicious! Be prepared there are a lot of food pictures from this trip. We ate pretty good. 🙂 Here’s a look at their delectable crab cake.20121216-155908.jpgFilet with risotto.. After we finished our dinner I accidentally took the table cloth with me and wound up spilling my entire glass of ice water all over my lap. I love doing embarrassing things in fancy restaurants. 20121216-155919.jpgThe second best part of waddling around freezing and soaking wet was that we had decided to see a late movie that night. Not super comfy for me. haha But after bending over under the dryer for twenty minutes we went to see, “Playing for Keeps”. 20121216-155933.jpgThe next morning, Matt had a meeting so I got some alone time, which is extremely rare for me. I felt so pampered to be able to sleep in, order some room service, and relax in a big white robe. 20121216-160009.jpgBreakfast and HGTV. mmm!20121216-155947.jpgThat night was the company Christmas party. It was at a beautiful golf course lined with lighted trees. 20121216-160047.jpgThe party was a blast! They did it up so nice. They had a fun photobooth that we took full advantage of. 20121216-160106.jpgWe enjoyed getting all gussied up and mingling with everyone. It’s was nice to be “Matt and Jodi” rather than “mommy and daddy” for one night. We were sure to take a nap that afternoon so we’d be able to look alive past 10 pm. 🙂 We made it to 11! woo-hoo! This is about when we REALLY started missing our baby girl though. 20121216-160057.jpgWe were pretty excited about our presents and getting a little goofy in the elevator. 🙂20121216-160120.jpg

Thank you Matt’s job for my David Yurman bracelet! So thankful!20121216-160259.jpgI tried to eat as many calories as possible while away, or so it seemed. But c’mon… this was a raspberry chocolate mousse with a raspberry compote and peach gelato. Best thing ever. 20121216-160520.jpgLovely venue…20121216-160532.jpgThe next morning we got some more room service again and headed off to get our punkin! We missed her so much! We loved getting lots of videos and pictures from them throughout out the days. She seemed so happy when we came for her. Gram and Pa always take good care of her! Thank you!

I think at this point, Matt had hit his picture posing limit. So this is all I got. Until next time, Houston… I hear the “summer party” is just as over the top. 20121216-170048.jpg

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