Our Week in Snapshots

The Smith Fam

Shopping at our favorite place! πŸ™‚

My wiggly little Green Acres date!

This little girl was just smiling and waving at everyone, especially babies.

Waving goodbye to our little pumpkin for a couple days of couple time! We miss you already baby.

We made it! Having a great time relaxing together!

My morning. This is the life.

The Juarez Fam

Everyone is still recovering from being sick but Mommy was feeling home-bound, so we ventured out to Whataburger for dinner. Not the healthiest choice, but sometimes junk food just hits the spot.


I “had to” use a Living Social pedicure vouchure, so now my toes are ready for Christmas!


Norah started class at the Little Gym. We’re going to try it out for a couple weeks and see if she enjoys it. If today is an indication, I think she will LOVE it! She was so excited!


Finally, Norah got to go to the “Movie Peeter” today for the first time because we got rid of her pacifiers last night (the movie was her motivation to pack them up.) We are neck-deep in learning to sleep without the paci and so far Norah has been rolling around in her bed for 1hr and 10min. She is refusing to nap… she “just wants to go plaaaayyyy!” Oh, Lord. Please sleep.



A Little Note:

Our hearts have broken today for the families in CT that have lost their babies and their loved ones. No words or actions can heal the pain that they feel. We lift Newton, CT up in our prayers. Only God can provide them with a necessary sense of peace and courage! We have shed tears and mourn for the moms and families that are without their babies tonight. Wrap your little ones in your arms, smell their sweet natural scent, and thank God for His protection over their lives.

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