Traditions: Yours, Mine, and Ours

Christmas traditions. I’m a huge fan of sticking to traditions and making new ones every year. Christmas was always a big deal in our home and I plan to make sure it stays that way! It’s strange to be the parent now and realize you are responsible for making the season full of wonder, surprises, and joy. Already it seems having Emmy makes every holiday more exciting. If you love making new traditions for your own family here’s 5 ideas of my favorites from our childhood…

1. Every Christmas Eve we would open one present. It was so exciting to get a little taste of what was to come. My mom would always choose a game we could play that night or matching Xmas pjs for us. Oh yay.

2. Once Angie got married, we started having quiche every Christmas morning and taking breaks throughout opening presents to munch on a delicious breakfast. I guess Josh introduced us to the art of a good breakfast.

3. Wear your pjs and NO getting ready allowed. Ha I used to get so mad at my mom and Angie for trying to get cute in the morning. I wanted to run downstairs and begin immediately. Unfortunately, we’ll be breaking this one again this year since we’re opening at night.

4. We always do “tags”. Every gift must have a creatively written tag for the recipient. You can’t just say, “To: mom Love, Jodi.” It’s more like: “To the patriot wife on sweet gum, Love her smartest and most lovable child.” Don’t quite know how we got started doing this. Our family is goofy and I love that.

5. After all the presents are opened, and the stockings are empty, we have one big present. The big present is always hidden with clues that take us all over the house until we find it. It’s so exciting! When we were kids I remember finding cross-country skis, as a teenager I found an art easel in the shed. One of the best years was a dryer swirling with cash. Probably all in 1’s knowing my mom.

It’s a funny thing to marry someone and realize not everyone has the same traditions and expectations. His family got an ornament each year. They always had the same handmade stocking that still holds such sentimental value. Their stockings were filled with fruit, while ours were filled with lip gloss. It’s going to be fun to see us merge our favorite traditions and even create our own.

This year will be my first time not being with my parents on Christmas Day. We will be spending it with Matt’s family instead and celebrating a little earlier with my fam. I’m excited to see how Matt’s family Christmas goes. I’m especially excited to take Emmy shopping downtown, go ice skating, maybe even introduce her to snow. 🙂

I’ve never felt so much like a parent as I do now that its Christmas. I love seeing her eyes full with wonder at all the lights and decorations (all as she’s trying to shove them in her mouth). I can’t wait to see her tear up that paper and then crawl away, uninterested in the actual gift. I can’t wait to teach her about Jesus and how to blessed it is to give. If she’s my daughter, I just know she’ll love Christmas.


We spent our first married Christmas in Cayman with my family. We broke lots of traditions this year but had a blast!

The Christmas before kids hit the King Family. We were so excited to meet baby Norah and had no idea how much she would change all of our lives.
20121213-151813.jpg Sending Matt on his first clue hunt for his Christmas present back when we were dating.



Lots of old memories with our funny family!

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