Norah’s 1st Haircut

At 2years and 7months old, Norah got her 1st haircut! A little behind the game…

Norah had VERY little hair for a VERY long time. Thank God for headbands πŸ™‚ When her hair did start to grow in, it was curly and you couldn’t see the extreme differences in hair length. She had what we referred to as her “Hassidic Curls” on the sides of her head, a good amount of growth in the back, and a “grown-out buzz cut” on top. I was so thankful to see hair that I was always too hesitant to cut any of it off. Now, it seems to have filled out and we decided it was time to “form” the curls so that as her “grown-out buzz cut” does grow in, it will mesh with the other curls.

I had a hair appointment scheduled and sporadically we decided that it would work out for Norah to go with me and have Josh pick her up 30 minutes later. Norah was very excited to go to the beauty shop with Mommy! She talked about meeting Audrey and wearing a cape all the way to Iidentiy.

We have the BEST hairdresser! Both Jodi and I go to Audrey Neil at Iidentity Salon on Brookside. Not only is she great at hair color and cuts, but she is so fun to talk with too! She was super patient with Norah and took great care to form Norah’s little curly hair.






My pretty girl only wanted to be silly when I tried to take her picture of the finished product :). It looks great though and if her hair grows at the same rate, I don’t think we’ll need another hair cut for another 2.5 years!



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