“A Hot Date and A Nap”

This weekend seemed to fly by way too fast! But, then again, they all do. My favorite weekends are the ones that begin with shopping and a hot date.

Matt and I enjoyed some delicious sushi and steak at, The Ridge Grill. That place is the bomb. If you’ve never been, put it on the list. Very cozy and everything I’ve tried has been incredible. After dinner we raced to Brookside to paint up some ornaments at Purple Glaze. We only had an hour til closing so our creativity was seriously stifled. I love watching Matt engage in this activity because it is so far from his personality. I think I noticed his tongue slip out a couple times due to such intense concentration. We had the privilege of sitting right next to a couple on their first date. Pretty safe to assume they were An ORU couple at that. Since Matt was silently working like a little Christmas elf with absolutely no capacity to paint and chat at the same time, I got to listen to their whole conversation. I had some good laughs hearing some classic “ORU lines” at work and feeling the awkwardness of a first date all over again. Let me tell you, I’m SO glad I don’t have to endure that anymore and I’m married to someone who I can be beyond “real” with! Anyway, Our hot date ended at 10 pm and we went to sleep immediately because let’s not forget, this is the #momlife. πŸ™‚20121210-083121.jpg

20121210-083138.jpgEating cereal snacks and Chik Fil A chicken in total relaxation. Kicked off her boots, socks and loving life!20121210-083130.jpgGram is definitely the best shopping partner! We tore it up. πŸ™‚ 20121210-083143.jpgMMMMmmmmm! 20121210-083150.jpg

The “Ridge Roll” as our appetizer. Topped with a seared sirloin and spicy sauces. Divine and different!20121210-083155.jpgPurple Glaze…

20121210-083204.jpgMaking mommy an ornament! How sweet! πŸ™‚20121210-083212.jpgProbably the most serious artists you’ve ever seen.

Saturday I learned to sew! I’m loving my class and had fun using a machine for the first time. My pajama pants are coming along swimmingly and I’m certain ill be wearing them every night.

Later that night we decided to head to Target for some shopping but got stuck in an extremely long turn lane that wasn’t going anywhere. That’s when we realized it was the Christmas parade!!! We quickly changed plans and headed out to join the fun! Poor Matt was only wearing a t-shirt but held on to Miss Em for a little warmth. About ten minutes into the lovely parade of branded trucks and company vans we decided we’re not really “parade people”. Although, I think Emmy enjoyed all the hoopla and had a good trance going the entire time. So after our short adventure we raced back to the car in the freezing cold and headed home to brave Target another day. That night, Matt and I cuddled up with some popcorn and Christmas coffee, and watched “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. I’m really getting into the “Christmas Spirit” now! Thanks to that delicious cup of jo, I was up til 2 am. I’m super thankful Matt got up with Emmy in the morning and I was able to sleep in. Those are the days! 20121210-083228.jpgFilled with wonder! πŸ™‚20121210-083221.jpgThe best “float” with Christmas carols! 20121210-083233.jpgThere’s that lovely little stare! 20121210-083242.jpgSuper daddy! Staying warm with his punkin!20121210-083252.jpgGoodbye parade! See ya next year, or may be not. πŸ˜‰

Sunday was a lovely little day filled with church, Qdoba, a nap at my mom’s, and picking out new glasses for Matt. We loved letting Emmy crawl all over my dad’s showroom. She loved the wide open space and the gliding chairs she could maneuver. Pa chased her all around taking video of her exploring. What a good grandpa he is!20121210-083704.jpgMeeting one of my old students passing by at church. She was in love. πŸ™‚20121210-083711.jpgThis little cute loves greeting everyone who should cross her path. So thankful for a cheerful baby!20121210-083725.jpgAs soon as we got to my parent’s house, Emmy had to greet Sally with a nice pat (“womp”) on the head. This girl seriously needs a puppy. 20121210-083717.jpg“Nerd Alert!” Trying on glasses and being silly at Pa’s office (Pearle Vision).

This weekend left me feeling like we needed just one more day in the weekend. How could it be over already? I’m excited for the week ahead though. This week Thursday, Matt and I are heading back to Houston, only this time just the two of us. Little Miss Em will be hanging with Gram and Pa for a couple nights while we celebrate Christmas with Matt’s new company, Opportune. Looking forward to a get-away with the Mr.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend too!

One thought on ““A Hot Date and A Nap”

  1. Bethany says:

    Love it! But I have to say my favorite float by far was the ladies that had to be 90 years old, dressed to killed and waving while sitting on the back of a convertible! Can’t wait to see the pajama pants πŸ™‚ Project Runway date soon!


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