“Our Week in Snapshots”


We started the week with some ice cream and park time. Emmy LOVED tasting ice cream but it was a little cold on the teeth. BTW McDonald’s soft serve is a lovely little cheat. πŸ™‚20121207-112737.jpg
This week I attempted a couple recipes: Pesto chicken and French onion soup. I added tomatoes in the last five minutes of broiling for the chicken recipe. It’s a hit!20121207-113136.jpg

While I was cooking, this girl pounded away on bowls. She even asked for her own apron! (Or may be I just thought it would be cute!?)20121207-113307.jpg

Mornings with my punkin are my favorite! She’s the happiest little girl I’ve ever met! And she got some pretty little Christmas toesies too! That was a trip!20121207-113453.jpg

Our family is celebrating Christmas on the 20th before Matt, Emmy, and I head to Chicago so we’ve been doing lots of shopping.20121207-113752.jpg

Yesterday we met up with an amazing lady, Mine’! Emmy loves Minny and dining at The Wild Fork… and waving and cheesing at everyone, everywhere! πŸ™‚20121207-113911.jpg


Norah was a little dancing machine at her first Hoedown at The Bridge! The older kids there love her and she loves having all these kids to play with. Jonah love dancing and playing with Mimi!


My friend Heather’s son, Cooper came over to play for a couple hours and he showed Norah how to do this pop-up toy in order. My sweet girl is not one for order and Coop definitely is… haha. Hard to believe Cooper’s little sis, Kenzie will be playing with this group in a few short months!


Norah’s got her 1st pair of Nike running shoes for soccer practice. She LOVES Little Kickers at Soccer City!


On Tuesday, the River’s fam came over for “Breakfast” dinner. Josh made two delicious quiches (or “breakfast pie” as Norah says), hash-browns, and banana walnut bread. Jonathan made these delicious Alton Brown waffles. We LOVE trying Alton Brown recipes with the River’s fam and we love Lucas and Diego! Such a fun night!


The rest of our week has been really slow. With both kids being so sick, we’ve watched about 45 episodes of Dora and slept very little. We’ve taken lots of walks in the cold to help Jonah’s breathing. Norah loves looking at the Christmas lights and pointing out all the colors even when she feels miserable. Our neighbors have ridiculous decorations for every season, but Christmas is seriously over the top! Their yard is COVERED with animations, blow-ups, lights, carousels, etc. Norah thought it was “so great” and asked to have her picture taken with everything. Oh my!


Thank God that Daddy has been home for lots of cuddles!


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