It’s My Thing!

Josh and I were talking about a month back, and he was telling me how important he thinks it is that a husband and a wife each have a thing that is completely theirs. For him it’s soccer (coaching kids at WSA). He loves soccer and gets fulfillment out of mentoring these boys and doing a sport he loves at the same time. Angie decided she might take up yoga or crossfit for a break from running, which would typically be her thing. Anyway, it’s important to have a hobby or leisurely activity that brings you happiness.

When I started thinking about this, I realized Matt loves doing Crossfit. Well, he’s obsessed. I on the other hand, found that my life pretty much consists of Emmy all day. I needed to start doing something for myself, that brought out the sides of me I normally wasn’t able to use. In a way, your “thing” should be something that builds who you are and betters yourself. I love anything creative and one of the things I’ve always wanted to do is sew. While creating Emmy’s nursery, I became so frustrated that I couldn’t just pick out some gorgeous pattern and sew up some curtains. I would be able to decorate so much easier and less expensively if only I knew how.

So with that, I signed up for a sewing class. It just started last Saturday from 10:30-1:30. Emmy and Matt made a trip to Sam’s club and had a grand time having some daddy/daughter time, while I spent some time doing “my thing”. In this class I’m taking at “The Cloth Merchant”, we meet three Saturdays in a row and our end product is a pair of pajama pants. WOOHOO! This craft is TEDIOUS! Man! I spent three hours just learning to read a pattern, cut, and pin. No actually sewing has even begun yet. I think there’s quite a long road between me and Project Runway. haha

Anyway, here’s hoping that it takes and I really love it and it becomes something I enjoy doing! What’s your thing? Do you think it’s true that it’s healthy for a husband and wife to have their own hobbies?


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