Highlights of our Week

The highlight of my week was that I actually got highlights. Wow, that was overdue. I’m sure everyone’s been silently judging for weeks now. Feels good to be back! πŸ™‚ Our week has been filled with lots of random events and last minute adventures. We started off the week by decking out the house for Christmas! This is one of my favorite things to do but since we’ll be celebrating this holiday in Chicago we tried to keep the decor low-key. wa-wa. Besides that, I’m positive Emmy would spend every waking second trying to pull the ornaments off the tree. Actually, pull the entire tree down and then attempt to stick it in her mouth. That girl is crazy. This year I tried out a DIY Christmas craft using a paper-back book. I think my little x-mas trees turned out pretty vintagy-cute! πŸ™‚20121130-170647.jpg

On Tuesday night we went over to Jon and Vivi’s house to celebrate their son Diego’s 5th birthday! I loved their “super secret spy” theme. They decided to try something different this year and ditch the huge birthday bash in favor of a special dinner with a friend each night of the week. I love that! It made it so much more personal. Plus, how fun is it to celebrate your birthday as long as you possibly can!? We loved dressing up as spies, playing games, eating dinner, and of course taking pictures. πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday to the sweetest kid, Diego!






On Wednesday we met the girls for lunch at our most favorite little spot, The Ripe Tomato. It’s a little ladies lunch restaurant located in the back of The Market on 81st and Harvard. Not only is it fun to shop around before and after eating but the food is seriously delicious. If you’re considering giving it a try, my suggestion is the parmesana wrap and the very berry salad. Perfection! It was a wiggly lunch for these girls. We sorted sugar packets, ate cereal puffs, banged on the table, watched videos on the iphone, shared food, cleaned the pacifier, etc. A tad tricky to carry on a conversation but it’s always great having a girls day. These girls seem to be nothing but a blur these days. They don’t sit still for a second! – P.S. love the photobomb in the back. perfect.



That night we checked out a new grocery store in Jenks, Green Acres. Well- may be just new to us! They carry many organic/natural produce and products. They also have a fresh salad bar and deli area. While we were shopping the manager introduced himself and gave us a tour of the store, including LOTS of samples. YUM! This would be the perfect little family date night for us! We’ll definitely be back! While we were there we picked up some ingredients and whipped up some fresh guacamole. Delicious! Sidenote- while eating our guac we watched our new favorite comedian (recommended by Josh), Jim Gaffigan. Hilarious! You must watch his Mr. Universe special.20121130-172726.jpg


On Thursday I started thinking about planning Emmy’s birthday party. Oh boy! I can’t wait for the eye rolls from Matt. haha He would order her a pizza and call it good. Boys! I plan on making it a party to remember. It’ll be impossible to forget with all the pictures I’m sure we’ll be snapping. πŸ™‚ In the midst of party planning, I finally got Emmy’s sparkly shoes in the mail. YIPEE! How cute are these!? $6.95 a piece from Old Navy. What a steal!20121130-173608.jpg20121130-173556.jpgToday I spent the day with my good friend and neighbor, Bethany. It’s been so long since we’ve gotten together, even though we live just across the street. She has 2 daughters just one year apart so she’s only been a “little” busy. πŸ˜‰ It was wonderful catching up over coffee and browsing the shops at Utica (aka sitting at the miniature table in Pottery Barn Kids, while Reese and Emmy played with kitchen toys). It’s so inspiring to see what a good mama she is, even with her hands so full. Kinley is their three month old daughter, who is just precious and slept so sweetly in her mama’s sling almost the whole time. It was so funny to listen to Reese and Emmy communicate back and forth through squeals and stares. How are they so old already? It seems like yesterday we were both pregnant meeting in the driveway.20121130-172755.jpgWell, tonight I’m off for some girl time. Sushi date! I love you for letting me have the night off, Matt!

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