Oh, Christmas Tree

After getting everyone home, readjusted to sleeping schedules and laundry from vacation put away, we jumped into our next project. It was time “Christmas-fy” our house! Josh and I have always loved Christmas- the lights, the cold, the fires, the carols. Okay, so maybe my music man doesn’t like Christmas music, but he always does his best to find new artists and music we can compromise on. Check out the following if you are looking for some new, not so typical Christmas music:

Raveonettes: The Christmas Song

Belasana: Bittersweet Eve

Jack Johnson: Someday at Christmas

The Format: Holly Jolly Christmas

Death Cab for Cutie: Christmas

Andrew Bird: Auld Lang Syne

We headed out Tuesday morning to find the perfect Fraser Fir. We love this kind because it isn’t too pokey and it smells like Christmas! As a kid, my parents always took us out to cut down our own tree. It was always cold, windy, and snowy… it was Michigan in the winter, the epitome of Christmas. We don’t get that kind of “feeling” in the midwest and Lowes isn’t a very organic tree farm, but it was a great family memory, nonetheless. I find myself wanting to replicate my memories for my kids. However, as a parent, I have to realize that my kids will have memories that will be just as great, but completely different. Having your own family is all about creating your own memories!

When we got to Lowes, Norah helped Daddy find the perfect tree. She loved the idea of bringing a tree home and putting it in our living room. Seriously, everything is “oh, wow!” or “that’s awesome” to her lately. She lives in a world of bright, new adventures… always reminding Josh and I to find the wonder in details that our eyes pass up.




Norah’s cute ear warmer is GAP, Jonah’s earphone hat is TRUMPETTE, and Josh’s birthday RayBans are from Pearle Vision.

The man that wrapped our tree told Norah all about how old a tree is. He gave her the stump and let her count the rings several times. Norah loved it and asked, “how old is that tree?” about every other tree in the yard. She loved helping Daddy pull the tree to the car, but really just wanted to “do it by myself.”



My strong man πŸ™‚


After the tree was up and secured, Norah helped me vacuum the living room and get all the “princkels” off the floor. This little DYSON is so cool!


We are officially Christmas-fied!



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