Route 66 1/2 Marathon

last Suday was the Route 66 1/2 Marathon, I am so happy to say that I survived it… and I actually felt really good! It was the perfect morning for a long run, with temperatures in the 40’s at the start and the sun warming the streets with each mile. I tried to register for the race too late, so I didn’t actually get a bib or time chip. Subsequently, I started in a slower corral and enjoyed a leisurely first couple miles.

I have never run in a race this big or with multiple start guns. With as much as I hate the start gun, I was more than ready when my corral was finally released, almost 15minutes after the initial gun shot. The first 7 miles were a beautiful run through midtown Tulsa, it was so neat to see all the families sitting in their front yards cheering on the runners! I even told Josh that if our lives weren’t so attached to South Tulsa, I would definitely be on the midtown bandwagon. Beautiful cottage homes, rolling hills, parks, cafe’s… it was a great distraction for the mind while running!

By mile 9, we had hit the long flat stretch of the race along Riverside Drive. I think I may be the only person in Tulsa, but I really really hate running Riverside. It is so boring for me- I would prefer hills to it any day! This was the hardest part of the race for me, I had to keep setting small goals for myself (the next block, the old man in front of me, the traffic light, etc.) By mile 11, I felt home free. I knew I had physically made it! As we approached the finish line, the Marathoners veered off to run another 13.1 miles. All I can say is CRAZY. I seriously am shocked that people can run that distance… and so many do it frequently. I think I’ll stick to my 3mile runs and appreciate my joints :).

My mom and dad were amazing and came over to get my kids out the door, so that Josh could go with me to the start line. We downloaded this amazing app called Life 360 so that Josh and Jodi could see where I was on the course and find each other too! I saw Josh 5 different times along the course and he was always so encouraging. Matt, Jodi, and Emmy were a more than a wonderful sight to see at mile 10! My family really put a smile on my face, especially hearing Norah say, “Wooo, Mommy!”

It feels like a great accomplishment; like I took a deep breath! I’m happy to say that it is over for now and I think I may even try something new- maybe CrossFit?

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