Meeting Mo Willems

Last week at story time, I saw an advertisement that Mo Willems was going to be doing a book signing at our downtown library. We decided to invite our wonderful friend Zina, and make a Friday night of it and go! Josh first discovered Mo Willems’ books at a non-profit conference and thought the witty comments and funny illustrations were brilliant. When both you and your kids can enjoy a story, you have stumbled on something great! Josh bought two books for Norah on his way home from the conference and we spent many subsequent months saying, “Bonk!”

This summer, Zina gave Norah the book Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! and the Pigeon to match. She shares our love for Mo Willems! Norah loves to read the book and tell the Pigeon, “No Way!”  When Zina showed up at our house Friday evening, she had The Duckling Gets a Cookie? and matching duckling to add to Norah’s collection. Zina gives the best, most thoughtful gifts! Seriously, I don’t think I know anyone who is as thoughtful as her! We love her and Norah LOVED having a friend to go with us on our adventure!

When we finally made it  downtown to go to the “new lie-bary,” Norah just wanted to play with the other kids. Jonah just hung out as usual :). I don’t think Norah caught the concept that the guy she met wrote the book, but she did a great job saying,  “Hi Mo!” and “Thank you!” It was a successful first book signing for all 5 of us!

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