Our Weekend

Norah and Emmy had a fun little sleepover at Gram’s house on Thursday night. I got to grab some delicious seafood with a girlfriend. Thanks Mom!20121119-155832.jpgAngie and I showed up at the same time the next day to pick up the girls. We all decided we needed some girls time! So we headed to, Egg It On, for some delicious Friday Breakfast. We also realized we had the same tops on us and just had to dress these gals as twinkies for the day! πŸ™‚


Norah was getting antsy so Gram pulled out three different shades of lipstick like an old pro. Anything to entertain these kids! Probably the most “sinful” meal in a long time! Scrambled eggs with spinach, bacon, hollandaise, and all atop a buttery croissant. I have plenty of time to feel guilty about that later. πŸ™‚20121119-155939.jpgThese girls will be best friends, I’m sure! Norah is the sweetest big cuz!20121119-160020.jpgEmmy girl got some new moccasins in the mail. My UPS man and I are becoming good friends. They’re a little big on her for now but I can’t wait to put them with everything. What’s cuter than a baby with style!?20121119-160037.jpgOn Saturday we went to test-drive some cars. My husband has been so patient and sacrificial driving my old jetta for almost two years now. He is my Dave Ramsey man who claims he’s formed a bond with the litte go-cart and would be sad to see it go. He’s finally starting to peek around at options and MIGHT be moving on up in the vehicle department. Fingers crossed. Emmy was ready to take us for a spin! 20121119-160057.jpgSunday night we enjoyed having friends over to play games, watch youtube, and eat popcorn. πŸ™‚ Sunday was an early morning with Angie’s 1/2 marathon! We are so proud of her for doing it! We chased her all around the course to cheer her on! She is such a trooper and completely AMAZES me with her running skills. Today I ran for five minutes and felt completely satisfied with myself. My conscious was cleared of my two mega-breakfast cheats. I wish I was as determined as Ang!Emmy’s top teeth have really popped out now! Look at those chompers!

20121119-160200.jpgThe girls showing support for Angie! 20121119-160227.jpgNever a dull moment with these people. Love them!

20121119-160241.jpgMy favorite part of race-day is hands-down the breakfast that follows. What’s wrong with me? πŸ™‚ Hence my second mega-breakfast cheat of the weekend. Norah and I told mommy all about how “we best friends”! She is a mini-Jodi if I do say so myself. She was “breakdancing” all over the grass at the race. As soon as we sit down at the restaurant, she yells out to our hostess, “JUST FRUIT PLEASE!” This girl has a mind of her own and LOTS of spunk. My favorite niece for sure!Oh, and I think she likes Uncle Matt more than me! I wonder why!?Β  20121119-160315.jpgHappy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend too!

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