Our Week in Snapshots

Jonah thought that if he just kept stuffing a sweet potato fry in his mouth it would eventually dissolve. It didn’t and he was very upset when Mommy dug it out. Oh, the life of finger foods and soft gums!

Mommy put in a long 12mile run in the freezing rain…. and I may have ruined my phone in the process .

Pops stopped by after a “gig” and played his trumpet for her. Norah strummed along on Daddy’s ukelele and loved “makin music” with Pops!We went to story time at the library- always a good reason to get out of the house right away in the morning!

Jonah and Mommy had a Target date!

Norah has been practicing her “pretty eyes”

We headed out for a run on a cold night, so everyone got bundled up… and of course my little diva couldn’t forget her sunglasses!

My fabulous brother and sister in law came over to babysit Miss Em, while Matt and I got a date night in! Got this pic while we were out. I think it’s safe to say she was well taken care of.

We spent lots of time playing at home this week. This girl is officially cruising! Next stop: walking! (Lord help me!)

Another new trick to add to the list.. Screaming for joy! She loves “singing” back and forth with us. I’ll have to post a video later because it’s hilarious.

Matt started his new job and we love that he’s working from home lots. These two melt my heart.

This girl would normally crawl straight to the edge of the bed and lunge for the nearest piece of fuzz BUT she’s happy as a clam with her little cracker. How old is she?? I just gave her an entire cracker and she’s taking bites all by herself.

Emmy thinks she’s pretty kissable and I agree!

We hope everyone’s having a great week too! We want to thank those who commented on our headband giveaway and congratulate @mrslizturner on winning them! We will do another giveaway soon and I’ll be sure to do a post with my headband tutorials in the future!

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