Bows and Headbands

I LOOOVE bows on babies! … and on little girls and on teenagers…. and on Moms! Basically, I just have this mild addiction to buying hair accessories for both Norah and I.

It started when the anesthesia finally wore off at the hospital and I realized I had a beautiful baby girl resting in the bassinet beside me…. with the tiniest little bow perched atop her perfect head. I don’t think a headband left her head for the next 15 months. My husband seriously worried that she would have a permanent indention from the headbands. I think Matt has developed a similar concern for Emerson.

Now that Norah has hair, we have moved from headbands to bows. “Alligator clip bows” to be exact. I love “borrowing” her bows to dress up my own pony tail or pin my hair out of my eyes. It is so fun to have a collection of 50+ bows to choose from…. ridiculous, I know.

Here are “Angie’s Baby Girl Accessory Tips”:

…see Jodi for far more organic ideas (she got proactive and started making Emmy BEAUTIFUL bows)

I rely on the genius of others :).

– This is where I found the first headband for Norah that I fell in love with. I have been addicted ever since.
-Search for terms of what your looking for. My go-to search for headbands was “vintage baby headband” and now, for bows, I search “alligator clip vintage bow” or “(yellow) toddler bow”
-Check to see if the seller offers size options for baby vs toddler headbands and always specify how old your child is in case. Newborn headbands are VERY tiny.

My favorite Etsy shops for headbands are:

Flower Bucket Bowtique

Little Jardin

Loveable Baby Boutique –

(for BIG, special occasion headbands)

My favorite Etsy shops for bows are:

Ruby and Sue

Snuggle Bugs Bowtique

Chiffon Bow Headband or Hair Clip in Pale Pink with pearl center - Skinny Elastic - Newborn Baby to Adult

2. Forever 21
– I love putting bows in Norah’s hair that I would wear. I am all about “mini me” styling for babies.
-The bows are usually 2 for $1.80- $2.80. Seriously? How crazy cheap is that?? No worries if Norah pulls her bow out in the middle of Target and throws it on the floor.


3. Target
-Target is seriously our favorite place for everything. I think we go there 2-3 times a week- for groceries, clothes, diapers, basically anything and everything. My kids are mysteriously happy in Target and so am I!
-For bows and headbands, don’t look in the “Hair Accessory” aisle, check out the displays in the “Big Kids” section or even in the purse/jewelery department. Last week, I found this cute bow for Norah- perfect to pair with her new JCrew leopard print leggings!


Tomorrow, we will be giving away TWO of Jodi’s handmade bows. Check back for details and even if you don’t have a little one, they are perfect for you!

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