Truck and Food Festival

On this lovely Saturday we decided to head for the Truck and Food Festival downtown for some lunch. When we arrived it was windy, loud, and CROWDED. After waiting in line for gyros and hot dogs for ten minutes we realized we were fighting an uphill battle withe kiddos and all everyone wanted was to sit down at an inside table and order some food. We gave in quickly when someone suggested it since all the kids were on the brink of nap time. Oh joy! We decided on Joe Mama’s down the street and I’m so glad we did. Not only did we enjoy delicious pizza with friends, the kids had a blast watching the workers make pizza behind the glass. A nice gentleman even slid out some dough for Norah and Diego to play with. Norah stuck the dough directly in her mouth, which made everyone shriek! She wasn’t phased though and proceeded to explain to Angie that, “its okay and it IS food”. Silly momma!
Of course we snapped some photos of these adorable goobers having a ball together (Emmy, Diego, Norah, Lucas, and Jonah). Glad we got to see Jonathan and Vivi. What a beautiful family they are!20121110-160048.jpg



20121110-160920.jpgJonah-man was loving feeling daddy’s scruff!


20121110-161019.jpgMs. Vivi showing how to flatten the dough and pretend to make pizzas.

20121110-161026.jpgChecking out the process!

20121110-161036.jpgBest daddy… best uncle! πŸ™‚

Check back Monday for a giveaway!

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