Keeper of our Memories

I take my job as keeper of our memories very seriously. If it was up to Matt we’d probably have already forgotten our daughter was ever that tiny or how heartbreaking her newborn cry was. I, however, am overly on top of it at all times! If I have one obsession, it’s taking pictures/video. I have a fear of failing to capture the world’s cutest smile to ever cross Emmy’s face. Pretty much it didn’t happen if there’s not a picture to prove it. 🙂 I’m working on this addiction, I promise.

This post is dedicated to the means of memory keeping that I love the most. The days of scrap-booking are ancient history unless you are wonder-woman and love cleaning up a huge mess and spending gobs on stickers and pretty paper.

Angie and I love using a great app called EverNote. It makes journaling so easy. Sometimes the things you think you’ll never forget can get jumbled just hours later. By using an iphone/ipad app you’re able to jot down a note on the go and even add a picture or audio to illustrate.

Once Emmy was born I started using Shutterfly to make books about her life. So far I’ve made three books (one for each three month increment). It’s become almost therapeutic to work on these books. It’s just like scrap-booking, only online. No mess, no shopping for stickers and paper, and no wrinkled papers or loose pictures to fall apart over time. I get so excited when I see my bright orange shutterfly package at the door. It’s so fun to share with friends and family! You can customize your book as little or as much as you’d like to. You can even download your favorite photos and shutterfly will place them throughout the book for you. I like to customize my entire book just because I love crafting and I wanted to make my books more of a journal with detailed notes about her life.

If you want to try either one of these options for hanging on to those memories and special photos search for the app: EverNote or go to to start your book. Happy memory keeping!

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