Halloween was filled with fun for the Juarez clan this year! We went to the Family Fun Festival at COTM with the King fam, then to the Pirates and Princess Party at the Bridge with the Juarez fam, and finally Tuesday the 31st arrived and we went Trick or Treating for the 1st time!

To break it down and have a real “Mom” moment- there was PLENTY of stress involved in all this fun! First, both kids were crying as we walked out the door on the way to the COTM party and I left Norah’s costume on our couch. Then Norah freaked out when we made her go to child care during the service. Jonah was crying when we picked him up from child care because he was hungry and they don’t do baby food during service for nursery care. Oh, and I mixed up name tags and they almost wouldn’t let me take my kids back… not complaining about security, just so frustrating in a crowded moment. Then there was lots of candy all day and not a lot of “good” food. We got home, threw the kids in bed for naps, and then packed back up to go to the other party. Jonah needed a bottle at the Pirates and Princess party and Josh couldn’t find a microwave, so he used a Keurig in his Dad’s office to heat up water and then the BM bottle. It only took 20+ minutes… or so it felt like. Then because of the SUPER sugar high, Norah was very opinionated and cried her eyes out because Daddy tried to put her to bed while Mommy nursed Jonah….. ahhh!!! Finally, the 31st arrived and I thought we would be smooth sailing, but as the first trick or treater arrived Norah burst into tears because she couldn’t open the door, keep Xavi behind her, hold the large candy bowl, and hand each kid two pieces of candy ALL BY HERSELF… everything seems to be all by herself these days. Ok, so there is my large amount of reality and the following is the recap with the moments that I want to remember forever, because outside of the stress, we had a really wonderful Halloween that was filled with LOTS of fun and happiness!

The Family Fun Festival at COTM was a beautiful outdoor party. There were inflatables, games, food vendors, and a HUGE playground. Norah was delighted! She LOVED the playground and the fact that Grandma and Pa jumped at the opportunity to do HUGE twisty slides with her. Jonah-man got cozy in Daddy’s arms and took a sweet nap while the rest of the clan climbed on a tractor ride- Norah talked about the “bumpy tractor” the whole way home!

The Pirates and Princess Party was a super fun celebration at the Bridge. There were all kinds of games to play and a cake walk for the bigger kids. Norah went as “Doctor Jacket Norah” and kept all her tools in her pumpkin. Norah loved playing the games over and over again, but really she just wanted to see Mimi and be on stage with Aunt Jen. She saw Snow White (Aunt Tori) and just said, “Oh, that’s Tori!”… no big deal! Daddy, Jonah (my sailor man), and Pops just relaxed in the lobby during all the excitement. After lots of games, Norah and her friend Cooper played “chase” until they both crashed. Literally. The result of lots of sugar and stimulation :). The next morning, Norah giggled as she told me all about hiding in Aunt Tori’s cape and chasing Cooper all over. Her heart was happy.

The 31st, was so funny! Norah loved answering the door, handing out candy, and saying “Happy Haw-o-ween! to everyone. She didn’t like the scary masks and every time one would come to our door, she would hand me the candy instead of the kid. At one point she looked at me and said, “These kids have ENOUGH potty treats!” (We’re potty training 🙂 haha) When we went out to Trick or Treat ourselves, Norah loved ringing the doorbells, saying “Twick o Tweet!” and telling everyone that her brother’s name was Jonah and that he was just a baby. She only lasted 10 houses or so before she was ready to go home and give candy out again. Except, this time I noticed that every time she gave a kid candy, she added one to her own basket too :). Funny girl.

I wonder how long Norah will continue to ask if we can go “see more houses with lights on” and “get more potty treats!”

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