Jodi’s Top Ten

Hoping Angie and her fam start feeling better soon. Her excellent list of must-haves for getting through sickness got me thinking about the many things that have made life livable with a baby. There are SO many products out there you can register for when having a baby. I definitely brought Angie with me when I did all that. It’s stimulation overload walking into a Baby’s R Us. But what things do you REALLY need and what things end up just sitting in a drawer or cupboard until your child is too old to even use them? Well I’m not going to list everything but I will give our absolute FAVS! Here is my list of items that have saved our lives and really proved their use…

1) Nose FriedaΒ Β — It sounds like a joke but it’s for real. You literally suck your child’s snot out through a tube using your own breath. I’ve never seen so much snot come out of one human being, never-mind a baby. It has brought much needed relief for Miss Emmy. Angie was actually the lucky one to be the first to test it out on her. πŸ™‚ She introduced me to this gem and I’m forever grateful.

2) Petunia PickleBottom Diaper BagΒ Β –Expensive. But soooo worth it! This diaper bag comes in a backpack style that has made my life 100 times easier. I started my journey of motherhood with a shoulder bag that would constantly slide off while I was trying to manage a baby carrier, a purse, find the car keys, find the paci, … you know the drill. Since I couldn’t justify splurging on a $200+ petunia bag I checked out Craig’s List. I was able to find mine for just $40. I’ll never go back now and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to justify a splurge next baby. πŸ™‚ Plus, Angie says they do sales every once in a while so keep your eyes peeled.

3) Nap NannyΒ –This was a gift from my mom. I wasn’t sure if it would be useful or not since we had plenty of places for baby girl to sleep: crib, bassinet, pack n’ play, swing, etc. BUT this has been a lifesaver. In fact, Emmy is spending the night in it tonight. We had her sleep in it in the beginning when her crib just seemed way to big for her. We pull it back out anytime she is stuffy or has a runny nose to help keep her elevated throughout the night. It’s great for babies that have a hard time lying on their backs in the beginning or have issues with reflux. She seems to get the best sleep when she’s all cozy in her little nap nanny and we would totally recommend it. Now if only they came in adult size. Then again, I wish this for nearly all her cozy little spots.

4)Organic Food PacksΒ –While Angie and I both try to make all their baby food at home using organic veggies and fruit, these just come in handy. I’ve been slacking on making my own food so much lately because of these little gems. It’s wonderful to just grab a couple packs and hit the road for the day. They create little to no mess and you still feel good giving your child this. Plus they have all kinds of fruits and veggies no Tulsa Walmart has in stock. Um.. what’s a purple carrot? Sounds healthy to me. πŸ™‚

5)Jogging Stroller/Travel SystemΒ –Angie, Josh, Emmy’s other Uncle, H.J., and other aunt, Chelsea bought us this beauty at our shower. It has been wonderful! I can’t imagine not having a travel system. Angie explained that after getting a bulky regular stroller and a separate jogging stroller with Norah, they realized how much they would have preferred an all in one. It’s been so nice to easily transfer a sleeping baby to her stroller just by clicking the car seat in and off we go! The jogging stroller is so easy to maneuver and fold up. Even I can do it. πŸ™‚ We are definitely happy we went this way!

6)Gas DropsΒ –We had some lovely neighbors visit us in the first few days home from the hospital. They shared with us the beauty of these little drops. They helped her little tummy so much during those first few weeks. It’s very difficult in the beginning to figure out what’s bothering them and in the end it’s almost always chalked up to being gas. You can give these often, and you’ll probably want to. Sometimes simply having a new taste in her mouth seemed to calm her down and distract her enough to realize she was fine. Thanks gas drops! We love you!

7)Bumbo –They may have recently had a voluntary recall but they’re still great. Our bumbo chair made my life so much easier for tasks such as putting on make-up, doing the dishes, or changing out the laundry. I feel like it helped Emmy learn how to sit up also. She loved being in her bumbo and seemed very happy to be sitting independently. Now I don’t know if it’s like this for everyone, but in our family we call this the poop chair. Something about the position… but if one of the kiddos is a little constipated this chair seems to help them conjure up a pretty good bm. Lovely, I know.

8)Seven Everyday Slings –My sling is just now in the mail. I wish we would have gotten one much sooner. This is the sling pictured in our trip to the zoo. Angie found one online for only the price of shipping. She let me borrow it with Emmy and I fell in love. I personally can’t handle wearing the bjorn. It is so heavy on my back and seems to pull me forward like crazy. The seven sling was so light-weight and even a little fashionable. It put Emmy on my hip in a natural place and I didn’t even think about the weight. Plus Emmy loved it. I think she felt less restricted than in the bjorn and could still grab at everything and anything. We can’t wait to get it in the mail and start using it. When you get to the checkout, use the code FAMILY2011 to get your sling for free. You just pay shipping.

9)BabyWise –While somewhat controversial, this book worked so well for Emmy. I would highly recommend reading it before baby comes and then using it as a helpful reference once they’re here. It can be overwhelming and extremely detailed but it helps. I tried to follow the concepts as best I could without getting myself in a tizzy if I messed things up or it didn’t work out. In the end we had a happy baby, sleeping through the night by 6 weeks. It really helped me understand how to take care of a baby since I was coming in near clueless of how often a baby eats/sleeps. Take it for what you will but it’s worth reading and has been a major help for us!

10)Honestly… the IPhone. — I don’t mean to be biassed or hate on other phones but this seriously has been such a blessing for us. We hardly ever pull out our digital camera anymore since we can snap beautiful pics and edit them immediately on our phones. I’ve captured so many photos that look professional by just using my three favorite apps: camera+, diptic, and instagram. It’s so much easier to whip your phone out of your pocket and get a cute photo or video of what’s going on rather than go on the hunt for your camera and come back to find she’s no longer doing whatever cute thing. I LOVE being able to search baby center or google for any question anytime on baby stuff. I’ve used several fabulous apps for keeping track of breast-feeding and baby growth.Β Now I’m sure my brother-in-law, Josh, would tell you his samsung can do all the same things BUT I just believe iphone can do them better. Feel free to disagree. πŸ™‚

There you have it. My top ten baby must-haves. There are so many others I’d include and many I’d warn against but this is long enough and one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Here’s some photos of some of our top ten in use including some pretty iphone pics of Emmy just because. πŸ™‚

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